In Brief

- MFA in fine art and creative media.
- Creative PhD in which the artwork (not theory or art history) is the research.
- Independent study and summer certificate residencies.

- Highly individualized contemporary learning experience.
- International diversity fosters exchange across cultural boundaries.
- MFA development of a vital and sustainable artistic praxis.
- PhD projects contribute to a cultural dialogue through published, exhibited or performed work.

- Summer intensives in Berlin.
- Winter reflective residencies in New York City.
- Workshops, walkshops, culture tours, seminars, critiques, lectures and artist talks.
- Exhibition and performance opportunities in New York and Berlin.

- Low-residency format balances professional and family commitments.
- Offsite study, critiques and advisement wherever you live and work.
- Individual creative projects realized with the support of self-chosen advisors.
- Alumni and faculty form an ever expanding international exhibition collective.
- One-on-one reviews and interactions with curators, artists and theorists.

- Previous graduate level credits can be applied for advanced standing.
- No first degree required with equivalent experience.
- Fast track from MFA to Creative PhD in one year.


Transart Institute offers an international low-residency MFA and a creative PhD program for working artists in a highly individualized format. The innovative MFA program consists of three intensive summer residencies with lectures, workshops, critiques, seminars, performances and exhibitions in Europe and two winter residencies in New York. In the four semesters between residencies, students create their own course of study realizing individual art and research projects with the support of faculty and self-chosen artist advisors wherever they work and live. The PhD is a three year program and only offered for creative research. 

The Institute’s programs are geared towards the development of a sustainable artistic praxis rather than training in certain media or genres, challenging students to think conceptually and work creatively in new ways. Current students work with animation, curating, digital media, film, gaming, graphic design, installation, painting, performance, photography, robotics, sculpture, sound, text, video, virtual reality.

Accreditation & History

Transart Institute was founded in 2004 by two artists. The MFA in New Media program was accredited by the Austrian Ministry of Education and Culture through Donau University Krems, Krems, Austria in 2004 and the first summer residency was held in 2005 with an international body of 25 students and eight faculty. The current MFA Creative Practice program is accredited (accredited in BE) through the School of Art and Media at the University of Plymouth in the UK.

Transart Areas of Research

Art and Social Technologies
Creative Fiction and Experimental Non-fiction
Cultural Engagement through Food
Foreignness, Otherness and the Uncanny
International Diaspora and Post-Colonialism
Liminality, Space/Place, Temporary Architecture
Memory, Forgetting, Trauma and the Archive
Role of Art in Peace, Mediation, Performance Activism

Other Transart Projects

Transartists are an international group of artist, academics, curators and theorists affiliated with Transart Institute through the graduate and doctoral program, journal, biennial or other Transart initiative. Collective membership is by invitation through a curatorial jury board. Transartist.net offers artists and curators resources and networks to foster international exhibitions, performances and events. Resources include: curator access to the Transart Collective pool of artists; a list of calls for submissions as well as a source for other calls and competitions, a network for international artists to create their own events; fellowships and curatorial advisement for artist initiated exhibitions and events, sponsored technical and funding support fora, a micro-financing network, start-up funding initiative, shared news, a residency studio exchange, multiple fora for initiating projects and events, discussion groups, social interventions, curator project critique and review resources, archive of Transartist exhibitions, performances and events, juried project funding for prop, project support exchange group and source for crit groups. http://transartcollective.org

Transartfest is a triennial one week event with exhibitions, concerts, discussion groups, seminars and workshops, walkshops, performances, screenings, speed crits, alternative tours, and a multi-author book launch. All events are free and open to the public. Limited places are available for all one day workshops, seminars and discussion groups by application. http://www.transartfest.org

Else is an annual art and cultural online journal which will be launched September 2014. http://elsejournal.org