1YS MFA first year
2YS MFA second year
INS Incoming students
ADV Advisors
FAC Residency faculty
PLY Plymouth University
OPT Optional, all else required
REP Student reps

MFA Module key and descriptions >> guide
MPhil/PhD Module, timeline and forms >> guide
Extenuating Circumstances >> form

01.15    Spring semester begins
01.15    Full annotated bibliography, outline in Transart blog >> 2YS Guide, 2YS (MCP505)
01.15    Written element (final)  in Transart blog for assessment 1YS (MCP503)
02.01    Studio advisor approval for winter incoming students with advanced standing >> form ADV
02.01    Advisor evaluations of all students >> guide >> form ADV (for 1YS MCP501, MCP503) (2YS MCP505)
02.15    Update Transart blog progress documentation >> 1YS 2YS MPH
02.15    1YS 2YS fall projects and evaluations reviewed by external examiner PU 
03.15    Written element (draft) in Transart blog >> 2YRGuide 2YS
03.15    Update Transart blog with progress documentation >> 1YS 2YS MPH
03.15    Month of spring offsite Skype critique group sessions >> guide 1YS 2YS MPH
03.15    Summer syllabi + agreements >> guide >> form FAC
04.01    Award board PU
04.01    MFA admissions deadline PU
04.01    Response to Written element (draft) in Transart blog >> 2YRGuide (for 2RS) (MCP506) ADV
04.15    Update Transart blog with progress documentation >> 1YS 2YS MPH
04.15    Request for interruption of studies for summer/fall due  >> form
05.01    MFA application >> form INS
05.01    MPhil/PhD application  >> form INS
05.01    Readings in wordpress course groups >> groups FAC
05.15    Access to summer course groups >> groups
05.15    Full MFA thesis documentation (artwork/report/thesis per your approved proposal) in Transart blog 2YS (MCP506)
05.15    MFA thesis proposal draft and final studio project in Transart blog >> guide,  1YS (MCP504, MCP502)
05.15    Update Transart blog with progress documentation >> MPH
05.15    Summer/fall tuition 1YS MPH INS 
05.15    End of spring semester

05.25    MFA thesis exhibition or performance proposal (required if participating) >> guide
05.25    MFA presentation proposal (presentation required, proposal only if deviating from format in guidelines) >> guide in Transart blog 2YS
05.25    Agreement to participate MFA thesis exhibition and performance event >> form 2YS

06.01    Self-published thesis PDF (blurb etc.) link in Transart blog (optional)  2YS
06.01    Upload 4×6″ postcard 300 dpi jpg, title in file name to Transart blog (no late submissions possible)  2YS
06.01    Summer course sign up >> link (course sign up first come basis) 1YS 2YS MPH INS
06.15    Faculty exhibition committee selection letters sent to MFA exhibtion participants 2YS

06.15    Advisor evaluations of all students >> guide >> form ADV
06.15    Advisor invoice >> form

06.15    Revisions in Transart blog if requested by advisor >> copy advisor +
06.15    First year project proposal draft >> guide in Transart blog INS
06.15    Academic writing sample in Transart blog INS
06.15    Plymouth application >> form INS (skip 8, 11, 12) (email to
06.15    Plymouth application >> form Incoming MPH (skip 8, 11, 12) (email to
06.15    Proposal for independent study in lieu of courses week 2, 3 in Transart blog >> MPH returning only
06.15    Residency check-in >> form 1YS 2YS MPH INS
06.15    Summer faculty review student blogs, proposals, diaries >> form FAC
06.20    Statement, bio, wall texts in Transart blog >> guide 2YS
06.20    Video for group loop  2YS

Plymouth application >> form NEW (skip 8, 11, 12) email to (2 weeks from acceptance)
Plymouth application >> form MPH (skip 8, 11, 12) email to (2 weeks from acceptance)
Tuition deposit >> (2 weeks from acceptance)
Academic writing sample (previous research paper, if available) in Transart blog  (2 weeks from acceptance)
First year project proposal draft >> guide in Transart blog (2 weeks from acceptance) 
Reading diary >> guide, in Transart blog (4 weeks from acceptance)
Summer/fall tuition (4 weeks from acceptance)
Residency check-in >> form (4 weeks from acceptance)

SUMMER RESIDENCY 2013 schedule
07.10    Reading diary >> guide, in Transart blog 1YS 2YS MPH INS
07.10    Reading diaries + proposals blogs available in blogs (to be reviewed prior to summer course) >> directory FAC
07.17    Exhibition installation and rehearsals 2YS
07.18    Students arrive in Berlin
07.19    All Students required to register
07.19    Berlin Gallery Tour OPT
08.09    Final proposals for 1st year  for approval >> guide, in Transart blog 1YS
08.09    Final proposal for 2nd year for approval >> guide, in Transart blog 2YS
08.09    All guidance committee meetings complete >>guide 1YS 2YS ADV
08.10    Guidance committee approval >> form ADV
08.10    Student residency/program evaluations >> form 1YS 2YS MPH
08.11    Students depart

08.15    Fall semester begins, students work independently on their studio projects and readings.
09.01    Transart office re-opens and studio advisors are available per individual arrangement.



08.15    Fall semester begins
08.15    Student-arranged guidance committee meetings confirmed first week, held second week>> guide 1YS 2YSADV
08.20    Office reopens after residency
09.01    Guidance committee response >> email to student, copy ADV
09.01    Guidance committee approval >> form ADV
09.11    Plymouth Referral Board for MFA awards
09.15    Update Transart blog progress (keep all proposal drafts on blog) >> 1YS 2YS MPH
09.15    Winter residency commitment or Transart extenuating circumstances form  >> form 1YS 2YS

09.15    External peer review of updated MPhil proposals followed by offer letters 
09.22 – 11.03  Fall reading seminar group pilot optional 2014 >> guide 1YS 2YS
10.01    Alumni survey >> form

10.15    Update Transart blog progress documentation >> 1YS 2YS MPH
10.15 – 11.15   Fall offsite email critique group 1YS 2YS
11.01    Summer faculty course proposal >> form ADV
11.01    PhD application winter >> form NEW
11.01    Plymouth University Award Panel Meeting

11.01    Full annotated bibliography, outline in Transart blog >> 1YS Guides  1YS (MCP503) 
11.15    Update Transart blog progress documentation >> 1YS 2YS MPH
11.15    Request for interruption of studies for spring due  >>
12.01    MFA early application >> form NEW
12.01    Plymouth application for winter acceptance >> form NEW (skip 8, 11, 12)
12.01    Written element (draft) in Transart blog >>  1YR Guide 1YS
12.03 – 12.07   Winter Residency New York Brooklyn Art Space + weekends events >> guide 1YS 2YS MPH (RDC1, M521)

12.15    Virtual Winter residency  assignment in Transart blog >> guide,  1YS 2YS
12.15    Response to draft, copy + studio advisor ADV (for 1YS) (MCP503)
12.15    Update Transart blog progress documentation >> MPH

12.15    Update Transart blog progress documentation for assessment >> 1YS (MCP501) 2YS (MCP505)
12.15    Spring tuition 1YS 2YS MPH
12.15    End of fall semester