$9,760 x 4 semesters
Tuition comparison chart
No additional fees for residencies.

$13,650 x 6 semesters
$1880 x 1 year: Optional completion year (with up to 16 hours of supervision)

DEADLINE for consideration for scholarships: MARCH 1, 2016
MFA and PhD Creative Practice


Residency travel guide is here.
PhD applicants are invited to an initial residency before committing to the full program with a $5000 deposit towards the first semester. Deposit is applied to the certificate if your plans change. You can optionally extend your studies from 3 to 4 years with or without advisement and residencies. $1880 for advisement, no fee for an independent completion year.

Summer Academy Certificate  
$5000 (no fees)


Accelerated path or fast track MFA to PhD
With an exceptionally focused and accomplished practice you can apply during your second summer to begin preparing a proposal for MPhil/PhD. If accepted you will attend PhD classes during the third summer residency and work on your proposal with potential supervisors.

Advanced Standing MFA
One semester of advanced standing can be granted for graduate level work from accredited institutions and two for those with previous creative MFA/PhD degrees.

Independent Study
Propose your own non-credit course of study or engage an advisor to help you prepare an MFA or PhD application ($500 per advisor per semester). Inquiries and proposals can be sent here.

As an accepted applicant you may reapply with no application fee or hold your place for one year with a non-refundable deposit.

Equivalency or no first degree MFA
Candidates for professional equivalency provide an expanded CV showing personal life/work experiences relevant to the Creative Practice MFA program. Your CV should, where appropriate, include exhibitions or projects undertaken, community work, conferences attended or papers given, all courses attended, as well as any teaching, or promotional materials that you have produced.

Questions and payment arrangements please contact accounting here.
Scholarship offers are only valid for 30 days and must be confirmed by deposit.
All deposits are a commitment and therefore non-refundable.
See Financial aid page for Plymouth University Sallie Mae Student Loans.
Students must be current with tuition in order to attend a residency.

One or two video conference (Skype) interviews are held with all MFA and Certificate Program finalists with one or two faculty. With PhD interviews, a second meeting is organized to include potential supervisors suggested by the board based on your proposal. This meeting will include our Plymouth University Liaison as she will be proposing a second supervisor. A third meeting with potential supervisors and yourself will be arranged by supervisors prior to the residency to discuss your proposal in more depth for additional input to advance your proposal, time permitting. Alumni, students and faculty are available for consultation prior to commitment to the program. An offer to commence the PhD will be made (from Transart and Plymouth) after the completion of the summer residency.