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MFA studio advisement
Once you’ve approved your student’s proposal at the summer residency, you and your advisee decide how you will to work together, when your meetings will take place, how much time will be spend. We strongly recommend you formalize this with a confirmation email so there are no misunderstandings later. Your student is responsible for making the arrangements with you. A minimum of the equivalent of two full meetings with extensive critique must take place each semester. You will find a 150 word response to your critique on your student’s Transart blog after each of the two required meetings each semester here, enter with the pw: ti15. If your student does not make arrangements for these meetings or you have concerns or issues you are unable to resolve with your student directly please contact us immediately.

MFA research advisement
You will approve your student’s proposal during the summer residency. S/he will read and write the intro in the fall independently. Spring semester the intro will be sent you by email for comments followed by a draft and final paper (approx. 10 pages for first year, 20 for second year). To put their research in context find studio documentation see their blog, enter with pw ti15. Inline comments and corrections do not need to be provided. An approximately 300 word critique or assessment with suggested additional references will suffice. Please do not edit your students papers. You should expect a few email questions in advance. It’s fine to suggest readings but it is the student’s responsibility to generate a bibliography. If they have trouble with searches they know to contact the PU librarian for a consultation. If you have concerns contact us immediately if you aren’t able to resolve issues with your student directly.

Students can’t be late with an assignment without an approved PU extension form. If you cannot meet your students or evaluation deadlines please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange for a new advisor. We understand that other professional obligations may come up, it’s not a problem to reassign a student but we ask that you let us know right away so the student has an advisor available at all times.Proposals
Changes must be approved by you. Student emails you and uploads the revised proposal on their blog.

You will be sent a quick online check in form midway through the semester and emailed a link to an online evaluation form at the end. Your evaluation will take the form of a one page letter which you will also email your student. One evaluation per semester. No grades.

The honorarium remains at $500 per semester
 ($50-$100 per hour depending on how much time you spend with your student and on your evaluation).
 Payment will be made once you’ve submitted the final evaluation by online invoice form.

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