Alumna Jan Rasauskas’ New Exhibit, Line Weight/Light Speed, at Casewerks Gallery

Alumna Jan Rasauskas has a new group of drawings in an exhibit with Conrad Freiburg and Neil Freeman, curated by Marian April Glebes.  The reception for Line Weight/Light Speed is Thursday, March 15, 6-8 pm at the Casewerks Gallery!

In Line Weight/Light Speed, Jan Razauskas, Conrad Freiburg, and Neil Freeman preserve the spontaneous and control the uncontrollable via drawings, reconfigurable geometries, and digital prints. These evidences are precisely uncertain, and make of circumstance the extraordinary.  In the voids between prime numbers, in the trace glimmer residues of evaporation, or the celestial re-patterning of familiar city streets, mark-making is a gateway to a system, the genuine direct recording of material influence in real-time, a stepping stone toward capturing magic in the mundane. Line Weight/Light Speed’s participants do not create works on paper, but instead choreograph responses to and manipulations of existing conditions and situations, the evidence of which is preserved by their drawings.  (Curated by Marian April Glebes)

Case[werks] Showroom & Gallery
1501 Saint Paul Street, Suite 116
Baltimore, MD 21202
Tel: 410-332-4160

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