Alumnus Khaled Hafez shows at Venice Biennale

Artwork by Khaled HafezIn the 55th Venice Biennale Khaled Hafez, Transart graduate of 2010, is showing On
 at the Maldives Pavillon at the Serra dei Giardini  this summer. The pavillon was curated by Alfredo Cramerotti & Khaled Ramadan.

On Noise, Sound and Silence is created in two formats: three synchronized screens each with its individual audio track and in a single channel adaptation with a composite audio track. Both formats are accompanied by an installation of sculptural elements. The work addresses water in its different contexts: filmed across different geographic locations and free of any linear narrative, the footage tackles water as a source of life, communication and transportation but also of submersion and obliteration. All identifying elements of time and place have been removed. Instead the viewer is engulfed by water on all sides and encouraged to turn inwards in this highly synthesized personal landscape.

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