Andrea Haenggi and Fatimah White present the Pop Up Gesture Store in Crown Heights, Brooklyn


Pop Up Gesture Store
Fall Collection 

Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 22/23, 29/30 & Nov. 5/6

1067 PacificPeople (1067 Pacific Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn)

an experiment in contemporary dance and economics with artist/sellers Andrea
Haenggi, Robert Neuwirth, Carrie Ahern and additionally, the fall political
collection involves five specially invited artist/sellers: Beau B Baco, fall 
collection -- Where do I end and where do you begin -- at the
'anarchist j'ouvert laboratory' at 1067 PacificPeople in Brooklyn. The store
is a retail experience that probes, investigates, heightens and/or palliates
through dance, movement and words.

The gestures offered at the Pop Up Gesture Store create a caring social
space and destroy all social hierarchy. Customers enter the Pop Up Gesture
Store not to consume goods or purchase products but rather to partake of
embodied experiences direct from artist/shopkeepers. Visitors to this
approximately 3 minutes to 10 minutes in length) from a menu of gestures
built on movement, touch, and words. Transactions are complete once patrons
pay for their gesture by giving a comparable immaterial gesture back.

Each artist/seller offers their own performance gestures tailored to the
political season. Among the questions the gestures engage are: Can bodily
investment of caring help to challenge the existing social order? Can we
expand caring beyond family towards a stranger while still operating within
do alone?

Opening on Oct 22, and concluding just two days before the November
election, the Pop Up Gesture Store uses movement and the body to create
emotional landscapes involving trust, risk, proximity, intimacy and
vulnerability between buyer and seller. Together, the gestures ask if a
retail outlet can spawn a political discourse in form of caring.


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