Transart MFA Student Asher Mains awarded residency in Bolivia

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Press release of the Transart MFA Student Asher Mains.

Grenadian Artist Excels in International Contemporary Art

Following a landmark year of accomplishment in contemporary art, not just for Grenada, but for the region and internationally, Asher Mains continues his studio and research practice in Bolivia from April to May this year. Mains is primarily a painter but in recent years has expanded his studio practice to include installation and film and has been exhibiting in Grenada since 1994. As one of the youngest participants at the 56th Biennale di Venezia in 2015, Mains was shown in Grenada’s Official National Pavilion, one of the smallest countries to participate. Mains’ work attracted attention as painter but also through the video documenting his socially engaged practice that made cocoa farmers in Grenada part of a collaborative process. It was from this arena that Mimmo Roselli noticed Mains’ work and invited the artist to participate in a residency and contemporary exhibit in Santa Rosa, Bolivia from April 9th to May 1st.

Mimmo Roselli is an Italian sculptor and curator who is involved in the formation of an art and music school in Santa Rosa primarily for the indigenous Guarani people. Mains was invited as a figurative, representational painter with a keen interest in using natural materials that are local and represent a local sense of memory and aesthetic. This has been the subject of Mains’ research over the past year and this opportunity represents a dynamic collaboration and culmination of years of work. Other international artists will also be in residence including sculptor Sook Jin Jo from Korea, textile artist Yoko Inoue from Japan, material artist Sylvia Capriles from Brazil, muralist Adolfo Torrico from Bolivia, and muralist Juan Carlos Caizana also from Bolivia. International filmmaker, Fernando Maraghini, will document the residence and culminating exhibit, “In Dialogue with Reality of Guarani Culture”.

Mains feels privileged to have been invited and to have the opportunity to collaborate with the local Guarani people and excited about expanding some of the same processes he has been working with in Grenada in Bolivia. Mains includes, “I am excited to work in any setting that empowers people to make art through sustainable materials and local knowledge and consciousness. I believe that work should look like you are working in a particular time in history, in a particular place, amongst certain people and I am looking forward to how my own work will adapt and change through the process.”

Mains’ studio and research practice currently focuses on the materials we use to make art and how the material can cause us to have memories and experiences through the work because of our relationship to the material. Mains will be completing his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Practice from Transart Institute through Plymouth University in July. When he is not exhibiting or talking about art internationally, he can be found working from his home in his studio in St. Paul’s, Grenada.

For more information contact Susan Mains Gallery, 473-405-9772

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