Chris Danowski

Chris has been running The Basement, a non-profit experimental, transcultural performance collective, since 1999. They’ve done a lot of original work, and have presented 8 versions of an annual festival of performance, Teatro Caliente, in Phoenix, with local and international works of music, theater, multimedia, and performance art. Chris worked for 6 years as a faculty associate at ASU, teaching general theater, experimental performance, playwriting, ethnic studies. Academically,he is interested in the intersections of art and ritual, particularly mediated art forms, and particularly Afro-Cuban ritual. Chris about himself: “I read tarot cards and coffee stains, and am pretty good at it. I also act, direct, and write an awful lot of plays and other works for live performance. Specialties: Lucumi ritual, left-handed scissor work, spirit reading, post-structural theory, Latin American literature, and embodied versions of Narcissus and Echo in life and art.”

Chris joined the Transart community again last winter, embarking on a PhD project around media, performance and ritual. He presented together with his Director of Studies, Laura Gonzalez at the Transart symposium last summer and we look forward to making their piece “Trance Art and Other Possessions” available in the upcoming inaugural issue of  ƎLSE, the international journal of Art, Literature, Theory, Creative Media.

Chris Danowski presenting PhD project

You can learn more about Chris and his work on his blog.


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