Coming Up for Air

LightAtTheEndOfTheTunnel”Coming Up For Air” is a workshop offered during the biennial Transartfest. In creative practice there are times when it’s possible to fall into negativity and procrastination – as the old saying says; ‘one day, some day, never’. In response to these perennial issues, this one day workshop aims to uncover just what is possible in a single day and to provide a space for sharing strategies for dealing with blockages and stumbling points.

During the day participants will be sharing and discussing individual creative problems that they have faced, and collaborating on finding ways over and through these barriers. There’ll also be a practical element to the workshop, in which some of these strategies will be put into practice. The workshop will also examine how other artists have managed these issues, and discuss various helpful frameworks for thinking about practice, such as the ideas of Donald Schön and Alice and David Kolb.

The workshop is lead by long term Transart faculty Michael Bowdidge. Michael works with found objects, images and sound. He completed his doctoral research at the University of Edinburgh in 2012. His project took the form of a practice-based investigation into the relationship between the later philosophy of Wittgenstein (specifically the Philosophical Investigations) and assemblage sculpture. This research was fueled by the same curiosity about the possibilties of object-based sculptural practice which has also driven 20 years of creative production in this medium, resulting in a substantial number of exhibitions both within the United Kingdom and internationally.

Some of Michaels work can be seen on re-title here.


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