Current Transart Exhibition “Alternative Maternals”

Miriam Schaer, "(w)hole," 2014 (detail)

Miriam Schaer, “(w)hole,” 2014 (detail)


Berlin — Transart Institute is pleased to announce the exhibition Alternative Maternals on view through August 9, 2014 at Lindner Project Space.

A show about motherhood and its intricacies including childless mothering and motherlessness, Alternative Maternals features work by five Transart artists earning their MFA degree during the institute’s 2014 summer residency, namely, Deborah Dudley (working with Isabel Dudley Pecora and Luca Dudley Pecora), Linda Duvall, Jeca Rodríguez-Colón, Miriam Schaer and Valerie Walkerdine.

Deborah Dudley collaborates with her adolescent daughters and their peers to create photographic portraits of their burgeoning sense of self against the background of television, film and social media’s image-making. Jeca Rodríguez-Colón’s installation and performance also deals with the process of making; her “maternal room” makes visible the physically, mentally, and emotionally labor-intensive task of motherhood. Meanwhile Linda Duvall’s video elegy shows colorful birthday candles burning in a blinding white snowscape in a commemoration of a mother’s love and loss; and Miriam Schaer contemplates her relationship with her elderly mother, a former maternity nurse experiencing dementia, and her mother’s attachment to a lifelike baby doll through altered portrait photographs. Valerie Walkerdine’s video installation and performance also deals with the maternal line in a poetic consideration of psychological inheritance.

Alternative Maternals is curated by Laura González, an artist and writer based in Glasgow. Her practice includes film, dance, photography and text; and her work has been exhibited and published throughout the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal. González’s research focuses on psychoanalytic approaches to art, performance for the camera, theories of the gaze in photography, dance and art, and innovative forms of writing.

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Alternative Maternals
Lindner Project Space: Großbeerenstraße 34 10965 Berlin
On view 6–8pm Monday through Friday
through August 9, 2014
Finissage: 6:30—10pm Saturday August 9
*with performances by Jeca Rodríguez-Colón and Valerie Walkerdine

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