“UNRELIABLE READER” by Laura Gonzalez


Transart Institute faculty member Laura Gonzalez will be presenting her work “The Unreliable Reader” at the Bloomsbury Festival’s Reading as Art: Turning the Pages of Psychology on October 15th in London. The work will take place in the Senate House Library. The show description states:

‘If you want to engage with words from books in the Senate House library collection, I am offering to read to you, one-to-one. I have chosen narratives, novels from the nineteenth century, and I will do all the work. You just need to listen, and to decide when to leave. Will you trust me? I am, like the characters I voice, unreliable. I may embellish, or mutilate the text. I certainly have a foreign accent and, sometimes, I mispronounce words.’

For more information, check out the Bloomsbury Festival program.

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