MFA and PhD students Margaret Hart and Gabriel Deerman’s “Contested Domesticity” at Asni Gallery on view thru July 2nd

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A two-person art show by Margaret Hart & Gabriel Deerman

Margaret Hart (1967, Dubuque, IA, USA) is an American artist who explores
gender and feminism through the use of mixed media and installations. Her
works focus particularly on issues of identity, technology and personal
narrative. For CONTESTED DOMESTICITY, Hart is presenting a body of collage
works under the title: *Dreaming Metal*.  She states:

“In these works I employ images of the cyborg, already a biological and
machine assemblage, in collages to provide experimental conceptions of post
human feminism and gender. Collage is an art form which has historically
challenged or disrupted cultural norms and is one aspect of the diverse
legacy of feminist art practice. In the 1970s, informed by feminism and
conceptual art, women artists created a rationale of collage based in
feminine subjectivity and political intentions. Collage’s ability to parody
and create new meanings from disparate materials through fragmentation
allowed for new understandings of post-colonial and cultural identities.

These pieces are influenced by my research of feminist science fiction,
technology and existing representations of the cyborg. They center on a
fictionalized cyborg character of my own invention. Beyond Donna Haraway’s
suggestion of a politics of affinity and kinship and embracing Rosi
Braidotti’s call for creative reiterations of female subjectivity, my
cyborg character embodies a fluid relationship with gender.”

Margaret Hart is currently studying for her PhD at the Transart Institute. She
holds an MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a BFA from the
University of Iowa. She is the Chair of the Art Department at the
University of Massachusetts, Boston. Hart’s works can be found in several
public and private collections in the United States. The work presented in
this exhibition is partly funded by the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s
Research Grant at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Gabriel Deerman, (1979, Bolinas, California, USA) is a Canadian painter
who also works with sculpture, installations as well as with visual
manipulation of optical devices. Deerman is concerned with the liminal
nature of the present due to globalization and climate triggered cultural
and scientific reassessments of human relationships to time and place. “Legion
(Magic Broom Series)” is the title of Deerman’s body of work to be

In reference to Legion, Deerman asserts:

“In these works I began with a single climate change related issue: the
Pine Beetle. This creature has a status common to contemporary occurrences
such as weather events of being a ‘natural disaster’. However, the
disastrous effects of the sprawling pine beetle infestation in North
America can be traced back to logging practices, which created ideal
breeding conditions, as well as rising temperatures, which exacerbate the
problem. In looking for the roots of this specific problem I quickly found
that this goes from the boards my home is built with straight to the
foundations of western rational thought, modernity, modernization and
colonialism. When I began to trace the effects they expanded outward from
localized destruction of ecosystems to wild fires, to shifting economies,
populations, and animal migratory patterns- creating a feedback loop which
amplifies the already overwhelming situation.* *This particular issue
serves as one example of the entangled and interwoven nature of the
problems that unbridled capitalism has unleashed on this planet and the
enormity and irreducibility of human impact in this time increasingly
referred to as the Anthropocene.”

Deerman is currently completing his MFA at the Transart Institute. He holds
a BFA from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver,
British Columbia. He was the owner/director of independent arts venues in
Vancouver and Montreal.  He is a practicing art instructor who is also
working towards launching Salmon River Studios, a not-for-profit
educational art studio in Ontario.

Asni Art Gallery was founded by Transart Alumni Konjit Seyoum in 1996.

Queen Elizabeth II Street
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
+251 91 120 6697
Gallery hours are Monday thru Sunday, 10 AM to 7 PM
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