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MFA student Andrea Haenggi proposes the Embodied Photographic Practice Workshop, Brooklyn


MFA student Andrea Haenggi proposes the Embodied Photographic Practice Workshop, Brooklyn


How many pictures did you take yesterday? We will spend time together to seek new perspectives and approaches in digital photography in-situ. We will explore the question: Can Your Body Play an Active Role in Image Making? The workshop is facilitated by artist/photographer Julie Lemberger and artist/choreographer/dancer Andrea Haenggi.

SHIFT: Embodied Photographic Practice Workshop

with Julie Lemberger and Andrea Haenggi

October 25th @ 11am-1pm

@1067 Pacific Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

For sign up please go to:

This workshop is a place to try things out in unpredictable ways. It is for anyone who likes to push what image-making could be. We say everyone is a photographer and everyone is a dancer.

We consume and make pictures at an ever-faster rate. Can we gain a new perspective what photography could be if our own body would play an active role? How can the photograph, and the experience of taking it, become the body?

The first half of this 2-hr workshop will be self-study and group explorations of photography<->movement assignments guided by the facilitators. The second half will involve a more open anarchistic approach guided by everyone. We are interested in finding a photographic practice in which having “power” in image-making is replaced by one that is, in essence, being-in-the-world rather then commenting on the world.

Bring your Camera (mobile phone, if that’s what you use, or other camera, if that’s what you prefer.)

Bring your Body.

Bring your Curiosity.

Bring warm clothes for outdoor explorations.

Our photographic canvas will be the place at 1067 PacificPeople and the social choreography of that neighborhood block.

Pay-What-You-Wish (Suggested $10 or more)

Artists Bio:

Julie Lemberger is a photographer who has focused her lens on dance and dancers for more than 20 years in New York City. Her background as a dancer and visual artist informs her aims, in preservation of the essence the body and mind expresses while working in unison. Her work has been commissioned by The New York Times, Dance Magazine, The Village Voice, and by prominent institutions such as 92Y, Japan Society, and by artists: Molissa Fenley, Barbara Mahler, Edisa Weeks, she serves on the boards for dance artists Carlos Fittante and Tiffany Mills. Her solo exhibition of photography at Norte Maar and was featured on NY1, who called her work “elegant, haunting images”.

Andrea Haenggi is a dance-based interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, dancer, improviser and somatic dance educator in Brooklyn, NY. In her works she looks into power, exchange, gender, history, urban ecology and technology. Her research is into documenting ephemera. Her live-performance work pushes the concept of dance and movement and where it can appear. Her latest work, the “Alternative Pleasure Pop-Up Gesture Store”, was a store where you could buy live-performances by diverse artists and pay with the currency Gesture. In the past her work has been presented from Dance Theater Workshop to MASS MoCA to internationally at the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria. She won the Swiss Canton Solothurn Dance Award (2008) and is as a Certified Movement Analyst on the faculty of the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York.

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