Open Call for submissions to Triennale project “Iconographic Dictionary on Collective and Collaborative Art Practices”

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Open Call for submissions to Triennale project “Iconographic Dictionary on Collective and Collaborative Art Practices”


- Techniques, concepts and forms of a contemporary art style -

An experimental publication & participatory events program featured on the occasion of the Transart Triennale 2016, 1-7 August at Uferstudios, Berlin.

Edited and coordinated by curator Paz Ponce in cooperation with berlinerpool arts network, Agora Collective & Transart Institute.

About: The aim of this project is to wonder what are the shapes, formats, content, tactics and aesthetics of collective and collaborative artistic practices.

The nature of the projects gathered by this dictionary is open. What we are interested in portraying is, precisely, the variety of frameworks enveloping collective and collaborative artistic processes.

Given that we are talking about approaches to art production rather than objects, the challenge lies, then, in identifying the forms these processes manifest into; their resonances.

What stays from these “trading zones” where new modes of trust and knowledge are built and exchanged between the various social actors conveying in these temporary joint creative spaces? Are there formats, patterns or shapes that permeate all this inmaterial landscape of encounters, relationships, in between-ness, negotiations, conflicts and consensus?

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Submission: addressed to artists, curators, and culture producers members of/ associated with / related to the 3 networks in cooperation for this project:  transart institute, berlinerpool arts network and Agora Collective.  (Application Form below)

Format: The submitted entry can refer to an artwork, exhibition, project or working process based on collective creativity. Entries must be contemporary to the object of study, submitting existing, realized or on-going projects from the practitioner’s body of work.

Deadline: April 15, 2016

Contact project editor for specific information or doubts: email subject line “question” at

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