Open Call for submissions to Triennale project “SPACEBODIES II”

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Open Call for submissions to Triennale project “SPACEBODIES II”

SPACEBODIES is an exhibition of time-based and performance work on expanded definitions of ‘space’, and its affective (im)materiality. Can space exist without a body to contain it? Can a body exist without space to fill it? What is the affective dialogue between these enmeshed trajectories of flow?

This exhibition is for works that dance with their own existence.

On the theme, the meme, the Triennale dream: The ‘Imperceptible Self’ is not contained, but is in a constant state of producing its own difference. This immanent proliferation does not exist in a vacuum, but is constantly refracting, absorbing, and projecting information through an immersion-swamp of disparate spaces. Is it possible for art to witness this information, and let it emerge through the porous subject?

This exhibition has already happened; maybe you were there, maybe not. Either way it is locked in time, but its perception will continue to change.

How might the inclusion of new work change its future?

For SPACEBODIES II, works that specifically investigate interstitial, transitional, or emergent space are of interest. This is not a reproduction. We will work together on a live evolution. There will be cross-fades and overlap, and we will collaborate on a choreographic sequence. We will attempt a fluid modality of viewership that challenges traditional conventions. What kind of space does our work produce together, this time?

SPACEBODIES II will take place at Uferstudios, as part of a program of exhibitions, performances, film programs, lectures and discussions for the Transart Triennale 2016. It is a low-tech event, with minimal lighting and sound. A projector, mic and sound system will be available. Participating artists must provide any additional technical equipment.

Application deadline: April 15th, 2016

Participants will be notified by April 30th, 2106

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