Performance of the transartartists Nicolás Dumit Estévez and Luis Lara Malvacias at the Casita Maria in the Bronx

Performance of the transartartists Nicolás Dumit Estévez and Luis Lara Malvacias at the Casita Maria in the Bronx



CASITA MARIA on Friday, December 11, 2015 from 7:30 – 8:30 PM

P.S. (as in public school) is a transdisciplinary project that combines choreography, pedagogy, and performance art into a social gathering. This one time event is formed through a series of combined artistic genres that explore the idea of personal-collective spaces in the context of Casita Maria, a historic public school and arts center in the South Bronx.

P.S. explores Casita Maria’s psychogeography, while weaving together the stories, sounds, poems, and movements of the organization’s current staff, students, and neighbors with those of some of its distinguished alumni such as Benny Bonilla, Tito Puente, Américo Casiano, Jr. and Lynn Saunders. Performed throughout two floors of the building, P.S. invites the audience to both literally and figuratively see, hear, feel and taste what a school “is” and what education can symbolize for culture and the community.

Please be on time: Performance starts at 7:30 PM sharp


NICOLÁS DUMIT ESTÉVEZ treads an elusive route that manifests itself performatively or through experiences where the quotidian and art overlap. Concurrently, this path has been informed by a strong personal interest in immigration, cultural hybridization and Estévez’s understanding of identity as a process always in flux. He hence approaches the concepts of home and belonging to the U.S. American context from the perspective of a Lebanese-Dominican, Dominican York who was recently baptized as a Bronxite: a citizen of the Bronx. While ephemeral by nature, Estévez’s work gains permanence through audios, photographs, props, drawings, rumors, embodied memories, costumes, videos and publications. He has exhibited and performed extensively in the U.S. as well as internationally.

LUIS LARA MALVACÍAS/ 3RD CLASS CITIZEN  is a Venezuelan choreographer and multidisciplinary artist. He danced in Caracas for the company Espacio Alterno as well as performed in the works of many renown choreographers such as David Zambrano, Jeremy Nelson and Mark Tompkins as well as in his own choreographic productions. Awards include a NYFA Fellowship, MAP Rockefeller Funds, Arts International, The Jerome Foundation and the Group Performance Award at the Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Bagnolet, Paris. His residences include: Movement Research (New York), 1998/1999 and 2002/2003; and DNA, 2006. Malvacías’ choreographic work has been presented in multiple venues in New York and he regularly teaches and presents his work throughout Europe, South America, North America and Asia. He has also created, produced and presented interactive performance installations and cross-cultural multi-disciplinary projects in over 8 cities worldwide. He holds an MFA in New Media and has pursued studies at Universidad Central de Venezuela and the Art Student League, New York.


JON KINZEL has presented his work, including numerous commissions and solo shows, in a variety of national and international venues since 1988. Kinzel has received critical praise for Responsible Ballet, 2009; Responsible Ballet and What We Need Is a Bench to Put Books On, 2010; hurry, 2013; COWHAND CON MAN, 2015 as well as named one of the Best of 2013 in Artforum magazine for Someone Once Called Me A Sound Man (2013). His visual art has been exhibited in New York City and featured in publications such as SCHIZM and MR Performance Journal.

FERRÁN MARTÍN is an interdisciplinary artist originally from Valencia, Spain. He is recognized for his work as an experimental sculptor with a focus in the public realm and performance. Martín’s work has been exhibited extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad including at Greene Naftali (New York), Newman & Popiashvili Gallery (New York), White Box (New York), St. Moritz Art Masters Festival 2011 and Beijing Biennale 2009.

PRISCILLA MARRERO is a Miami-born performer, choreographer, teaching artist and writer who investigates physical embodiment expressed through interdisciplinary performance rituals. Marrero’s residencies include: Inkub8 Artist Residency, 2013; Dos Rios Retreat with Sara Shelton Mann & Abby Crain, 2013; and Ponderosa Choreographic Module, 2012.

LAIA SOLÉ‘s work explores the social and physical dimensions of space. She intervenes in spaces by actions that communicate and/or transform the dynamics of each site using resources that are immediate and interactive. Solé has a degree in Fine Arts from Universitat de Barcelona. She was an Artist-in- Residence at LABMIS at Museu da Imagem e do Som (Sao Paulo), 2012 and has exhibited her work extensively including at MAC (Santiago de Chile); Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona); The Drawing Center (New York); and the Fundación Chirivella-Soriano (València).

CASITA MARIA CENTER FOR ARTS & EDUCATION is an 80-year old South Bronx-based community arts and educational organization that presents diverse, contemporary visual and performing arts and education programming for all ages.


CASITA MARIA is supported by The Ford Foundation the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts.  

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