Transart Triennale 2016 kicks off with “SPACEBODIES”, curated by MFA candidate, Andrea Spaziani

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SPACEBODIES is an exhibition of time-based and performance work on expanded definitions of ‘space’, and its affective (im)materiality. Can space exist without a body to contain it? Can a body exist without space to fill it? What is the affective dialogue between these enmeshed trajectories of flow?

This exhibition is for works that dance with their own existence.

On the theme, the meme, the Triennale dream: The ‘Imperceptible Self’ is not contained, but is in a constant state of producing its own difference. This immanent proliferation does not exist in a vacuum, but is constantly refracting, absorbing, and projecting information through an immersion-swamp of disparate spaces. Is it possible for art to witness this information, and let it emerge through the porous subject?

SPACEBODIES will take place at the Judson Church Gym, a venue dedicated to uncensored experimentation and artistic exchange. The relationship between each work will be considered. There will be cross-fades and overlap, and Andrea Spaziani will collaborate with participating artists to determine this sequence. We will attempt a fluid modality of viewership that challenges traditional conventions, and considers the space that these works produce together.


Transart Triennale SPACEBODIES

Curated by Andrea Spaziani

January 10th, 2016

The Gym at Judson, NYC

243 Thomson Street, New York

Doors open at 3pm
Performances: 3:30-5.30pm
Reception 5.30-6.30pm





Abi Tariq

READING (2015)

Abi Tariq is a conceptual artist concerned with alternative modes of communication.

Through existential thought, mixed-media installations and performances his practice locates itself within the overlap between mysticism and absurdity. He claims organic telepathy to be a mutual understoodness nurtured over time through intimacy.

Anne Labovitz

Charging Talismans

Individuals will be invited to approach me, summon their desire and release into it space, silently or aloud per their choosing. As the desire exits the space of a human body and enters the atmosphere, the charge will be transferred to the agate creating a talisman for the craver and providing a tactile representation of their passions.

The driving force behind my creative practice is an enduring interest in people; in the human spirit, its emotional resonance and the way over time it manifests in our relationships with others. The notion of temporality is central in my process; documenting human connections, dialogues and relationships as they morph over time.

Veronica Fazzio

Embodying Space

A contemporary, multimedia, interdisciplinary artist, Veronica Fazzio’s primary interest is the role of transformation (metamorphosis) between language, behavior and practice. She is interested in how they affect each other and her practice, including performances, actions and object making.



Robyn Thomas

Sonata for Psyche Tattooing

Three movements, Allegro­Adagio­Allegretto, structure the establishment, development, and resolution of a drawn theme on a variously scaled projected image from the self portrait Twinning: a series of photos of my body, doubled, reflected, and abstracted in a mirror.

I make art to explore existential questions of personal identity. I am a painter working in a variety of media as a painter; no matter what the final form a piece may be. These forms often occupy the place between that which we think we know, and how we are physically experiencing that place in the moment.


Kayoko Nakajima

Tatami Mat Module

On space “Ma”, light, new york city, my living, micro, macro, invisible, and play.

Projecting onto the exact size of the tatami mat, I will start from one tatami mat to 2, 3, 4.5, 6….  This is the module that Japanese people have used for over five centuries. I will inhabit/move in this specific sized changing space.

Amy Königbauer and Honi Ryan

Commanding Presence 1: Stretch to balance.

We look to see what this work is truly about. We say it is about relationships, we see it is about us. We see it moving with our hand and without our hands. We see that the fluency of exchange is controlled by how vulnerable we are willing to be. We seek to examine the contemporary body in light of digital media, a body that is both individual and collective. By dismantling common social barriers we dissolve subjectivity as being attached to the singular presence or body.




Cilla Vee (Claire Elizabeth Barratt)


The RAW-(Material) series is the second stage of the project “The Process and Practice of Constructing the Self as Medium” – wherein I address the Self-as-medium for the art of performance. Here I address the Body & Psyche as the Raw Materials of the Self. In this performance I continue my exploration of the Raw Materials of Self in the context of Space & Light. All raw material has the potential to transform, to become medium with which to create.

Andrea Spaziani

This Desiring Pony

Whispers of an inner voice repeat and continue. The influence of De Anima meets the self-conscious pretentiousness of quoting something like De Anima. Overcoming my own jargon by attending to a continuous flail.

Andrea Spaziani is a choreographer in the expanded field. She is currently researching space, and how the body charges, or is charged by, space. She makes dances that attune to rifts in perception, and exorcise the unconscious.

Amy Königbauer and Honi Ryan

Commanding Presence 2: Words for You, Now and Then.

A loud voice comes over the speakers, articulating a set of instructions. This work invites each member to see themselves as the other people in the room and vice versa, eliminating subjectivity and making the singular self undefined.




Angeliki Avgitidou

Terrestrial Anthropods

A scientist studies the endangered species of terrestrial arthropods in the mountains of Almopia in Greece. Moving comfortably between land and water, this rare species utilizes the skills its ancestors developed in trees. Among the field notes recorded by the scientist, we can observe the natural environment, the habits and breeding methods of these strange but also fascinating creatures.

Angeliki is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses performance, photography, video, digital media and installation. Recent work has focused on performance and performance-for-camera works in non-gallery spaces and ad-hoc contexts. I am interested in site-specific work and the role that the site, as a term that encompasses more than the actual location, can play as co-author of the work itself.

Mariana Rocha


Hábito means to dwell, to inhabit, to indwell, to live. It can also mean form, habitude and vestment of religious women, nuns. In a assemblage of meanings, body and skin, the feeling of a new bodily language no longer based in words but on signs which emerges through a maze of gestures, postures and bones that occupy the outlines, the in-betweens, the other. The Double. She desires what she never lived, but is able to feel in the body’s space.

Mariana Rocha e Fernanda Branco Polse have been working together since 2010. Their collaborative work is interdisciplinary, site and context responsive spanning from performance art, to sound, photography, video and installation.

Gwen Charles

Machine Movements

This piece plays with the idea of the body reacting to the machine’s receptive movements, or the machine controlling the human body.

Multi-disciplinary artist Gwen Charles creates site-specific improvised, collaborative live performances and choreographed actions for and with the camera using handcrafted wearable props & sculptures. Performances are created for non-proscenium formats, inspired by the trivial moments of daily life & everyday, familiar objects.

Stephan Takkides

The Millionaire Resort

The Millionaire Resort is shot at the site of a future housing development outside the city of Limassol in Cyprus. It is modeled on the marketing film produced by the developers, mimicking its length, structure and editing, and using royalty-free music and sounds chosen to approximate its soundtrack.

I am drawn to topographies that find themselves in between, whether geographically between town and country or land and sea, or chronologically between two states, being demolished and rebuilt. The camera is nearly always my main tool. I record places as if making a documentary, but later the images are transferred into a fiction.

Alejandro Fargosonini


A deep dreamed black and white horror/love story that takes place on the Isle of Hydra in Greece. Radical new editing techniques thrust narrative theory to a climactic new peak, redefining cinema history and creating what Fargosonini terms “new emotions”.

Fargosonini is the most important director in the world.




Niko Solorio

Niko is a poet and provocateur that works for the Secret Cervix and is a study in post-glamour politics. His music and compositions have been featured in various film and video works, most recently the film: “Like Cattle Towards Glow”, co-directed by Dennis Cooper & Zac Farley. He recently self produced the album “Angel”

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