Ti Faculty Lynn Book + Guest Artist Dafna Naphtali Berlin Performances

Dafna NaphtaliMECHANIQUE(S)
Dafna Naphtali – voice & live sound processing
Hans Tammen – analog modular synth
Tuesday, August 6, 18:00
Supermarkt, Brunnenstr. 64 Berlin

mechanique(s) is a collaboration between Dafna Naphtali and Hans Tammen involving live electronics, sound processing, analog modular synth and voice. The duo formed in the late 90‘s to investigate the overlap of various elements of their technical and aesthetic practices — in compositions and improvisational settings for Naphtali’s interactive processed sound/noise system and Tammen’s custom analog modular synth built around chaotic behaviors. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehMd9nokLC8

Lynn Book – voice, text, electronics, video projection and sound ephemera
Wednesday, August 7, 18:00
Supermarkt, Brunnenstr. 64 Berlin

Book will perform an extended media work that is part of a larger project, UnReading for Future Bodies, where she investigates the dark mists of alien-ness that both conceal and accentuate pathways for flight and resistance at the borderlands of life. Lynn Book’s interdisciplinary practice engages bodies as becoming, bodies being with. Her hybrid projects include full scale performance media works, concerts in contemporary music and club settings, exhibitional stagings, recordings and public actions that draw from performance art, movement, the theatrical, visual art, language, sound and new music. https://vimeo.com/54898728
Dafna + Lynn will perform again this Friday:


Gil Kuno / Trio: Lynn Book, Tomomi Adachi, Dafna Naphtali / Gilles Aubry /

Friday / August 09 / 10pm / 2013

A first time trio performance by three formidable musicians working with voice, electronics, sound, and text in various and overlapping ways. Expect outrageous adventures into vocal sound and sound manipulation, expect unexpected forays into inner dialogues and expect intense interaction.


Nix Kaputt,
Nicht Krayon,
Neue Kölln


Elsenstrasse,52 in Neukolln area
10 mins walk down Elsenstr from Treptower S-bahn
Buses 167, 104 stop Wildenbruch/ Harzer str
10 mins walk from Rathaus Neukölln U7 Bus 167 Wildenbruch/ Harzer str
U8 Hermannplatz Bus 171 to Elsenstr/Harzer

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