Ti Faculty Nicolas Dumit Estevez published in The Caribbean in Transit


Estévez’s essay “Searching for Refuge: Spreading the Word at the Armory,” has been recently published by “The Caribbean in Transit.”  The latest volume of “The Caribbean in Transit” was edited by  Alanna Lockward and Keith Nurse.

To download the Journal: http://bit.ly/14wje3q


Searching for Refuge: Spreading the Word at the Armory is part of Spreading the Word with RoseLee Goldberg’s Book under my Arm, which is a component of For Art’s Sake, a series of pilgrimages through which Estévez sought to reverse the traditional relationship between art and religion. In For Art’s Sake, religion becomes a tool in the service of art as he endures seven arduous journeys that begin in Downtown Manhattan and conclude at seven museums. Upon completion of each penance, a museum director or appointed official sign a credential that Estévez carries, thus confirming that the journey has been successfully completed.  For Art’s Sake has been developed for the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Artand Workspace, the residency program of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. The pilgrimages include a devotional guide printed with the support of The Center for Book Arts in NY and produced in collaboration with Ana Cordeiro and Amber MacMillan. Special thanks to those who blessed these pilgrimages: Alanna Lockward, Edwin Ramoran, Sara Reisman, Yasmin Ramírez, Martha Wilson, Erin Donnelly, and Juliana Driever.

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