Ti Guest Artist Gloria Zein’s work to be featured in exhibition

Ti guest artists/critiquer Gloria Zein will have some of her work featured in an exhibition entitled “Cocaine Blows My Brain…”  This will take place Freitag, 30. November 2012, 20.00 Uhr/Friday, Nov 30th, 8pm
Spor Klübü, Freienwalder Str.31, 13359 Berlin-Wedding

“Off, out and away. Whether opium in the Thar Desert, weed on Koh Tao, crack in a park in Harlem, LSD on an Open-Air, speed and cocaine in a club and ecstasy with the housemates – end of the Nineteen Eighties, drugs were everywhere. „No Future“ was one (old) thing, test everything another. ‘Cause it made fun – elevatedness inclusive. The distance helped to pave the way and to position oneself. But one question remained: How to integrate oneself?
After several quotes from the Nineteen Eighties over film, music, literature, art and politics in the past group shows the actual quote refers to the drug scene. Drugs played a prominent role in the Eighties. How important are drugs for the body of work of an artist? Are they only annoying and distracting? Or are they the impetus”

For more info click here.

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