Transart Student Stephan Takkides at New Horizons

Stephan Takkides, "Map of Doggerland", 2011, Web-based map

The art of romance is marked by a radically subjective approach. For this reason, they probably still exerts an unbroken fascination for artists. Especially in the contemporary art continue to show reflections of the romantic movement after 1800.

10 positions of international artists who feel the spirit of Romanticism are closely linked, displayed at the art space t27. The subject of landscape is the common starting point of the particular approach that extends from the quote in the sense of an homage to conceptual implications. Plays the romantic conception of the sublime notions of infinity and just as important as the idea of ​​landscape as a carrier of human emotions.
A special feature of the collection is that each artistic medium to another position (drawing, printmaking, video, painting, etc.) uses.


  • Bjarte Alvestad
  • Cornelia Brintzinger
  • Sarah Jane Gorlitz and Wojciech Olejnik
  • Jens Hanke
  • Jane Hughes
  • Randi Nygård
  • Munan Øvrelid
  • Rebecca Partridge
  • Katie Paterson
  • Stephan Takkides

Curated by Rebecca Partridge and Randi Nygård

More info:


Kunstraum T27

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