Transart Alumnus Eto Otitigbe commissioned by Lab for Action Mechanics

Eto  and collaborator Sarah Donnelly received support to develop and stage a performance this summer.
2013-2014 Awardees:
Sarah Donnelly and Eto Otitigbe
Eric Eliacin
Viktor Franyo
Yara Travieso
Françoise VorangerFinal Showing: 7PM Friday June 27, 2014
Free Admission
GO!, STREB’s Commissioning Program, housed at the company’s Williamsburg home, SLAM, accepts proposals from artists whose work is movement-based, including choreographers, aerialists and circus artists.The goal of the program is to create a pool of artists who can capitalize on the resources distinct to SLAM so that, either literally or conceptually, the space’s special and unusual characteristics and qualities inform and inspire new and exciting creative experiments.GO! artists have various opportunities to showcase work throughout its development and receive feedback from both STREB and audiences.
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