Transart Alumni Gabriela Gusmão’s EXTEMPORÂNEA, Curated by Caroline Koebel at Galeria Oriente, Rio


March 25 – April 29
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 14h to 19h
Saturday by appointment

Galeria Oriente presents the solo exhibition of Brazilian artist Gabriela Gusmão,
EXTEMPORÂNEA, featuring works made during two periods of residence in Venice, at the Scuola Internazionale di
Grafica Venezia. Copper is the element that conducts this artistic process where plates and wires are the source
for development of the works.

The “Madonna Extemporânea” suite, developed in 2015, originated from a sculpture in copper wire that was
multiplied in 12 works in paper, 4 in plates of copper and a sculpture in murano glass.
In 2012, when first in residence at Scuola di Grafica, Gabriela worked in photographic process on copper plate
creating the matrix that generated the 16 monotypes of the suite “Second Depiction”, with the re-reading of the
historic scene “Descent from the Cross”.

The interest in the “Descent, amid so many religious scenes portrayed in art history, rests on her inquietude about
the image of the cross to which we remain attached. The “Second Depiction” suite emerged from a desire for
symbolic liberation. In her previous work “Comma in the Infinite” Gabriela made a video entitled “No sin, no
guilt”. Now, in the suite she shows two ladders, one for each millennium inviting us to be forever free from sin
and from guilt.

Immersed in extemporaneous poetry, Gabriela embraces the unfathomable and explores the relationship
between nature, urban space and the temporal dimension through her work in video, photography, sculpture,
drawing, engraving, performance, and interventions. Author of the books Invention Street and Comma in the
Infinite, active nationally and internationally with exhibitions in Brussels, Berlin, Lisbon, NY and Paris, Gabriela was
commissioned by the 2016 Art Monument Brazil to create the sculpture “Nova Chama” (“New Flame”) in the
public space of Nova Friburgo, in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro.

Caroline Koebel, author and freelance curator, has written catalog essays on Carolee Schneemann, Barbara
Hammer and Andrés Tapia-Urzua, published in Art Papers, Brooklyn Rail, Jump Cut, and the Swedish magazine
OEI, and co-authored the acclaimed stencil graffiti book Schablone Berlin for Chax Press. Her writing on
Schneemann has been translated into Portuguese for the Brazilian eMagazine Performatus. She is guest editor of
ELSE: The Imperceptible Self, an international art and research journal published by Transart Institute
Caroline has been in dialog with Gabriela about her work since 2013, having advised her MFA in Berlin and New
York, when she developed her artistic manifesto “In search for the extemporaneous” that begins as follows:
“Somewhere inside us there is silence. A silence even more profound than the impossible absence of sound. My
state of mind is a search for the extemporaneous dimension, where I might get an aural glimpse of silence.”
A meeting, however fleeting, with the ineffable eternity guides the action, contemplation and meditation
proposed in the exhibition EXTEMPORÂNEA.

Read Caroline Koebel’s full exhibition essay here: 


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