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Transart Alumnus Jose Drummond presents: I’m Too Sad To Tell You at Casa Garden, Headquarters of the Fundação Oriente


Organization: BABEL – Cultural Organization
Co-organization: Oriente Foundation
Support: Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government and Casa de Portugal in Macao
Location: Casa Garden, Headquarters of the Fundação Oriente


Open until 24 of February

Guided tour with the artist: 18 of February at 5:30 pm, at Garden House, headquarters of the Orient Foundation in Macau.

The exhibition is part of the project NEW VISIONS, annually developed by BABEL. José Drummond will introduce his works on a guided tour in the 18 of February. The artist with present the exhibition with the curator Margarida Saraiva.

José Drummond is a Portuguese artist based in Macao for more than 20 years, three times nominated for Hong Kong’s Sovereign Asian Art Prize. During 2016, the artist exhibited at the Berlin Transart Trienalle, participated in video festivals in Portugal, Spain, Austria and Berlin and had a dual show at Rosalux Berlin. In Macao he completed a work specifically for the Script Road Festival and finished the year 2016 with the projection of “This monster of beauty is not eternal”, in the Cinemateca Paixão, on 28 of December.

The title of the exhibition, “I’m too sad to tell you” is inspired by a work of conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader, dating from the 1970s, (1970-1971), which includes a black and white, photographs and a postcard. The reason the artist cries is not revealed to us over the course of the 3-minute movie. The handwriting of the Dutch artist is transformed into a blue neon light that gives the tone to the exhibition.

The exhibition presents more than 20 new works including photography, installation, video and objects, along which the artist explores the concepts of light and shadow, mirrored, reflected and multiplied, exhibited in a theatrical, scenographic condition. The works presented make a tribute to influential artists in the work of José Drummond such as Monet, Man Ray, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Bas Jan Ader.

“How to Dry a Face Full of Tears”, portraying a women suspended on the incapacity of expressing their own feelings give the tone to the rest of the show. In “Broken (perfect lovers)”, “I’ll go on” and “I think I Made You Up Inside My Mind” poetry invades the gallery space. The artist merges the diversity of his interests and practices by creatively exploring the verb, sound, image, color, and visual or auditory rhythm, infinitely repeated and obsessively choreographed in every detail. The remake of Gonzalez-Torres clocks and texts by Rainer Maria Rilke and Sylvia Plath lead the visitor to turn desires into poetry (“Turn Your Wishes into Poetry”).

“Turn Your Wishes into Poetry” blurs the conventions of the media challenging the viewer’s perception in a series of abstract photos that point a new direction in the artist’s work. The installation “So You Think There’s an Heaven” occupies the central area of the exhibition space and consists of a large-scale, mirror-lined box that totally or partially multiplies images in an infinite repetition game.

Five photographs from the series “Think of the Sadness Thing in Your Life” where images recorded in a lake “in sleepless nights” turn blue into movement and opaque feelings. The show is completed with “Use that regret for anything, anyway you want” another installation where a coloured lake is seen in an unusual place. 





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