Transart faculty Mary Ting exhibits at Chinese American Art and Council 456 Gallery


Opening: Wednesday, AUGUST 12, 6-8PM

Compassion: For the Animals Great & Small: Mary Ting/Chinese American Art and Council 456 Gallery

The exhibition, COMPASSION: For the Animals Great & Small,  features a series of drawings and an installation of recycled cardboard animal sculptures by the artist and her John Jay College students.

In response to the current plight of elephants, rhinos, tigers, bears and other animals due to poaching for the Chinese market, Mary Ting has created COMPASSION: For the Animals Great & Small, an art exhibition and series of public programs to create awareness and promote change.

While China is considered the number one market in the world for illegal elephant ivory, few people realize that the number two market is New York. Most Chinese are also not aware that the ivory market is causing the deaths of 96 elephants per day and funding the terrorists groups in Africa. At this current rate, African elephants will be extinct within this decade due to the desire for ivory trinkets. Unfortunately elephants are not alone in this crisis, which includes the illegal harvesting of rhinos, tigers, bears, sharks, pangolins, turtles, vaquitas, and totoabas, among others for their body parts for use as decorative objects, luxury food products and traditional medicine.

For the artist, Mary Ting, “As Chinese people living in New York City it is imperative to educate ourselves and our children, refuse to buy or consume these products and show our compassion for these animals by valuing their existence as living creatures.

Wed, August 12, World Elephant Day, Opening reception 6-8pm
Sat, August 15, 3-5pm – Family Day – Animal arts & movement activities
Sun, August 16, 2-4pm – Talk by Lama Tsewang Rinpoche on Buddhist perspective
Sat, August 29, 3-5pm – Family Day – Animals arts & movement activities
Sat, September 12, 3-5pm – Family Day – Animal arts activities
Fri, September 18, 7pm – Film Night with filmmaker Q&A, talks on traditional medicine
Sat, September 26, 3-5pm, Closing weekend – Performance by Red Silk Dancers
Chinese American Art and Council 456 Gallery, 456 Broadway, 3rd fl, NYC, 10013

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