Transart faculty Nicolás Dumit Estévez in the New York Times

Seeking a Role for the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse

“Nicolas Dumit Estevez, an artist, performed what Ms. Slome described as a shamanlike ritual of “awakening and cleansing the building,” which included brushing it with bunches of herbs. Another artist, Melissa Calderon, filled gaps in the walls and empty window casements with planks adorned with thread to evoke the ebb and flow of the Bronx River.

The second floor, where court was once in session, has been turned into an “open square” for the voices of the disenfranchised and forgotten. In one corner, there is a display showing how redlining practices have contributed to structural racism in the Bronx.

See full article at: 07/14/nyregion/seeking-a-role- for-the-old-bronx-borough- courthouse.html


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