Transart faculty Noam Toran shows in “The Real and Other Fictions”

In Dreams I Walk with You is a theatrical installation inspired by the “Worker’s Theatre” of the early 20th century in Europe, whose remit was to depict the struggle of the working class with the aim of arousing social consciousness and collective action.

In Dreams Press Image Option 2Onkar Kular & Noam Toran, 2013, Mixed media

The production centres on the relationship between Mario Castelhano (1894–1940) and Manuel Rijo (1897–1974) – railworkers, militant anarchists, and syndicalist organisers – who shared most of their adult lives in exile or imprisonment. Set during the 1930’s in the notorious Tarrafal concentration camp on Cape Verde island, the play transitions from the at-once banal and terrifying affairs of pris

on life towards a series of desperate ‘escapes’ in which the prisoners mentally construct varying utopias to imaginatively travel to. Drawing from historical archives, the writings of Castelhano, Rijo and other interned anarchists, as well as literary texts by Manuel Puig, Bruno Schulz, and Ursula LeGuin, the work is accessed in the form of a written script and by an uninhabited, ‘haunted’ theatrical set, kept ‘alive’ through a programmed lighting and audio sequence which loops over and over, as if a technician had forgotten to turn off the power after a day of rehearsals.

At once a commemoration of the humanist values of political anarchism and a reflection on the poverty of contemporary political culture, the work is also a meditation on the problems of, but necessity for, the desire and production of utopias.

For more information please follow these links: Close CloserWebsite & Vimeo
Photograph by Delfino Legnani
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