Transart MFA student Oliver Benoit in Venice Biennale

In this 56th edition of La Biennale di Venezia, Grenada will make its inaugural exhibition at the Sala Tiziano, Opera don Orione Artigianelli, Dorsoduro, Fondamenta delle Zattere ai Gesuati 919

“My art represents a conflicting perspective about identity formation in human society located in a particular post colonial context, Grenada. I attempt to understand how those historical experiences, colonialism, entangled with race, class and gender, seem contradictory to human progress. Explained by Aristotle’s proverbs “birds of feather flock together”, and my father’s admiration for those texts, the simple represents the complex. The British Royal Reader of childhood and Shakespeare provided that moral strength required for “success” in life. Is this progress? This unique experience is yet to be understood, my art is intended to draw attention to these contradictions as we reflect on the world’s conflicts.” Oliver Benoit

In its 41st year of independence, Grenada will take a great leap forward and be seen for the first time on the largest and oldest world stage, la Biennale di Venezia. Through the co-operation of Ministry of Culture, Grenada has been invited to present a National Pavilion, joining the ranks of the 89 countries who have been invited to the 56th edition of this most prestigious event.

Oliver Benoit paints abstractly, adding and subtracting layers of paint that mirror his sociological research. He poses that the systems of governance in the world have created a repetitive break down, with the disenfranchised often expressing their frustration in violence. Benoit has exhibited regionally and internationally.

Oliver Benoit abstracts paint in many, many layers.  His notion of escaping the perpetual cyclical patterns of violence from the disenfranchised is set in a plane of expanding vertical lines.  The density of the centre gives way to light and space on the sides of this plane as small boxes float in self similar patterns on another level.  The imagination is drawn to what if—what if this were an actual 3-D work, and the lines become roads, on a flat plan, and the boxes actually float at different levels above them.  Would this be a town? A city? A metropolis?   One wants Benoit to give us more.  He is only teasing us with this first iteration. v=uCY14G0VmEE&feature=em- share_video_user oliver-benoit/ Home.html

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