Transart student Andrea Haenggi performs in Brooklyn


ALTERNATIVE PLEASURE POP UP GESTURE STORE when you experience it, you feel it

Created by dance – based interdisciplinary artist Andrea Haenggi

With performative gestures by main sellers Carrie Ahern, Andrea Haenggi and Robert Neuwirth by guest sellers Catherine Grau, DeLesselin George-Warren and Edisa Weeks

Venue: 1067 PacificPeople @1067 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Dates: August 29/30, September 5/6 and 12/13

Times: Saturday and Sunday from 2pm – 8pm

For three weekends starting at the end of August, 2015, 1067 PacificPeople square, a former auto repair garage in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, will become the Alternative Pleasure Pop Up Gesture Store. This Installative Performance created by the artist Andrea Haenggi sells gestures and experiences that engage the customers in spectatorship, participation and sharing. Ongoing energetic exchanges are king. The store currency is Gesture. It questions value, display, consumerism, presence, exchange, gender and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence in search of connection and creation.

Exchange is the key element in the Alternative Pleasure Pop Up Gesture Store, which took shape from the premise that the daily physical live encounters of shopping have begun to disappear in our increasingly digital existence. Consider the exchanges involved in a simple retail transaction. What is the space of connection between seller and customer? So how much do we value these temporary interactions? How much do we consider them part of the exchange? In the Alternative Pleasure Pop Up Gesture Store, Haenggi aims to create and amplify that temporal sense of fleeting gesture, the social subtleties and energies between retail salesperson and customers. She invited performance artist Carrie Ahern and writer Robert Neuwirth to join her to create a store that values the Living Body.

Andrea Haenggi was born in Switzerland and currently lives and works in New York City. Her performance works have been presented in New York City and around the world, including at the Queens Museum, the World Financial Center, New York Live Arts (aka Dance Theater Workshop), MASS MoCA, The New Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia, and the Society for the Performing Arts in Lagos, Nigeria.

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