Transart Student Rosina Ivanova presents “Border House”

“The Visual Arts Program of The School of Fine and Performing Arts is pleased to announce the performance of recent graduate, Rosina Ivanova. Ms. Ivanova is the recipient of the first Vision Award, an award created to recognize the work of an outstanding graduate and give them the opportunity to create a solo exhibition in the Arts Center Gallery at DEREE. The performance will begin on October 9th at 13:30 and will last for 30 minutes, with an open invitation to view the conclusion of the performance at her home in Palaio Faliro on November 9th.

Rosina Ivanova will present her new project, Border House,  a performance that explores the various border-identities that she and all of us experience through language, nationality or ethnic identity, as well as the border identities we experience deeply within our bodies. She confronts the experience of living between Greece and Bulgaria for the last 10 years by developing actions and linguistic strategies that overlay both her intimate world at home, and her artistic practice and attempts to communicate. Through performance – where the body is the first site of political liberation- she can develop spaces for all of us to navigate through and potentially transgress our border-identities.

As a student at DEREE, Ms. Ivanova participated in professional art events including ArtAthina in 2010, and the in the Photography as Performance section of the Athens Photography Festival of 2011. She is currently pursuing her Creative Practice MFA at the Transart Institute in Berlin and New York City.”

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