Transartist Daniela Macé Rossiter exhibiting at the Studio Chérie, Berlin


Transartist Daniela Macé Rossiter exhibiting at the Studio Chérie, Berlin


Sunday 22 May 2016  —–  5 – 10pm

Studio Chérie  —–  Hobrechtstrasse 65/66 – 4th Floor – 12047 Berlin

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>> Installation <<

Photographic prints on silk by Daniela Macé Rossiter (FR)

Freed from wall level, Daniela Macé Rossiter’s photographic installations open a dialogue with their environment. The materiality of the hangings creates a new perspective; boundaries between top and bottom, periphery and center, foreground and background vanish; only remains our altered perception of space. The airiness and volatility of the image, as opposed to the inherent gravity of the fabric, reflect the dynamic of antagonism that embodies Daniela’s artwork. Gravity vs weightlessness, balance vs instability.

 >> 5pm <<

Dance & singing performance by Shiri Lukash (IL) & SoRA (JP)

Since 2010, SoRA has been singing to her own accompaniment. She is currently involved in multiple projects. Her solo album “Wonder Aloud” is now on sale.

Shiri Lukash is an Israeli dancer and choreographer based in Berlin since 2014. She was trained at “Vertigo Dance Company” and “DeDe Dance Company”. She collaborated as a dancer with the following choreographers: Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor, Georg Bluschka, Galya Fradkin and Maya M. Caroll.

>> 7pm <<

Live improvisation by Derck Litte & Robin Koek (NE) 

In a dense tapestry of hiss, field-recordings and breathing textures the sound of a screeching, resonant cello emerges. Robin Koek (electronics) and Derck Littel (cello) have been collaborating numerous years in an improvised context, bringing ephemeral, site-specific experiences with a high acoustic sensitivity. Playing in the national musea of the Netherlands to the countryside of France, their sound evolves as the surrounding feeds in to it. As Littel originates from the classical school and Koek was trained in electronics, they meet in the acousmatic realm where traditions develop in a contemporary and unheard collaboration.

>> 8pm <<

Live set by JØRCK (DK)

Built on the premise of the idiosyncratic and sensitive vocal performance of singer Trine Jørck and the atmospheric and alluring guitar hooks by Torben Guldager, JØRCK puts into form emotional landscapes hard to designate. The Copenhagen based duo creates cinematic soundscapes, while scattering a mystic and surreal feeling of being somewhere inbetween dream and reality. 


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