Uferstudios presents a dialogue between graduating MFA candidates Robyn Thomas and Claire Elizabeth Barratt


The Transart Institute DIALOGUES Series presents:


A dialogue between graduating MFA candidates

Robyn Thomas & Claire Elizabeth Barratt

Tuesday July 26

18:45 – 20:00


Studio 14

Uferstrasse 8, 13357 Berlin

(entrance on Badstrasse)

Performance / Installation begins at 18:45.

Discussion moderated by Laura Gonzalez begins at 19:30

motion/sound/image/form/body/psyche/self/other/relationship/response/process /transformation

Dialogue: a conversation between two.

Conversation: interactive, spontaneous communication; important to socialization.

Socialization: a continuing process by which an individual acquires a personal identity through responsive acts.

Response: any behavior that results from an external or internal stimulus.

Part One: interactive, spontaneous, and responsive conversation[s] between the artists, spectators, and raw materials of self portrayal across an expansive space.

The raw materiality of the Self performed through a continual process of responsive exploration of fragments of art, life, and space as collaborators and authors reforming the otherwise distinct roles within the subject-object relationship until they merge as one entity, comprised of many fragments, no longer purely subject or object.

Part Two: a dialogue between Claire Elizabeth Barratt and Robyn Thomas, moderated by Laura Gonzalez, addressing the conversation[s] of Part One in conjunction to the overlapping ideas explored by Ms. Barratt and Ms. Thomas in their individual work.

Robyn Thomas

Robyn Thomas is a painter working in a variety of media and modes to explore the space in which personal identity is formed as it pertains to the self and the other. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (Painting) degree from Kent State University/USA.

After which, during a prolonged period of residency in the Federal Republic of Germany, Ms. Thomas studied art history, philosophy and pedagogy at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany (now known as Karlsruhe Institute of Technology/KIT), and was a guest student at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (Hochschul für Gestaltung) in the Institute for Art and Media Theory.

Ms. Thomas has exhibited her work for over twenty-five years in the United States and Germany. For the past seventeen years she has resided in southern New England/USA. This summer she is concluding an MFA Creative Practice with Transart Institute.

Claire Elizabeth Barratt

Claire Elizabeth Barratt is an inter-disciplinary artist with a performing arts background. She is the director of Cilla Vee Life Arts – an arts organization founded in the South Bronx in 2002, with a focus on cross-media collaboration. She was a founding member and co-director of Circle Modern Dance for ten years in Knoxville TN (now celebrating its 25th anniversary!)

Claire received her professional training in London at The Laban Centre For Movement and Dance and at the London Studio Centre For Performing Arts. Her pre-professional training includes the Royal Academy of Dance and the Royal Schools of Music examinations. She also served an apprenticeship with the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation in New York and is currently an MFA candidate with the Transart Institute.

Claire has presented her work in venues as diverse as Jacob’s Pillow, the New York Botanical Gardens, Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center and Art Basel Miami. She has performed and taught throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan. She is based in Asheville, North Carolina.

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