VAFA 2014 OPENING – 11 OF DECEMBER AT 18:30H AT ORIENT FOUNDATION featuring Transartists


from the VAFA press release-
VAFA 2014
Casa Garden, Fundação Oriente.
Exhibition opening on 11 of December at 18:30H and screening at 19:30H
Screenings on 13 of December at 19:00H and at 20:00H
Artist talk on 14 of December at 18:30H and screening at 20:00H
The exhibition stays till 11 of January of 2015

VAFA is delighted to announce that the festival this year brings some of the legends of Video Art with some of the most important names on the field that were never shown in Macau before. It is difficult to say who is more important when superstar international names like John Baldessari, Lawrence Weiner, Harun Farocki, William Wegman, Miranda July and Shelly Silver enrich the experience of VAFA 2014. The festival that also brings for the first time to Macau video works by top Chinese artists like Zhang Huan, Xing Danwen and Cui Xiuwen. It is then completed with a selection of solid video artists from Brasil, Portugal, USA, Italy, Hong Kong and Macau.

Video Art is not easily definable. Other than working with moving images and being a time based media Video Art have been defying its origins and approaching technical evolutions in a way that challenges its own use and form. It have been creating mutations and, in consequence, a dematerialization of art systems, styles and ways of production. Its own fluid form and existence plays a significant part of the contemporary art dialogue and it provides the viewer with a unique way of rethinking and perceiving our world.

The power of moving images is in our contemporary DNA. We live in an unlimited flux of images invading our life, eyes and senses, in a culture that creates an infinite number of uses and themes for this form of communication. The substance in which Video Art is made is the same that it is out there in the street screens, promoting products or ideas, as well as it is on our digital devices or at home in our TVs and computers. The stimulus of moving images is in an almost permanent call asking for our attention. Will we be able to slow down?

Video Art is that space where moving images can be slowed down without a plausible explanation; where it can be just a fixed camera with nothing-special happening trying to engage in a conversation with the viewer. It can be composed of still frames or it can just tell us a story that we never heard. It can be applied to the general characteristics of art like portrait and landscape or it can play tricks on us. It can be found footage or it can create new archives and new catalogs. It can be fiction or documentary or both. It can be narrative or poetic, complex or simple, about lights or about shadows. It can be about reinventing the way we look at things or about remembering the way things were. It does not matter if it is an utopic democracy or a poetic anthropology because, in the end, it’s both.

VAFA (Video Art For All), organized by AFA and Fundação Oriente, made its name in the past for the novelty of having an international open call that attracted hundreds of submissions. This year the festival changed from its initial open call model to a completely curated event, looking into the past, living the present and reaching out for ideas about the future. It is the strongest festival to date with an outstanding artist list that includes works from John Baldessari, Lawrence Weiner, William Wegman, Harun Farucki, Miranda July, Shelly Silver, Zhang Huan, Xing Danwen, Cui Xiuwen, Caroline Koebel, Jean Marie Casbarian, Mitra Azar, Nuno Cera, Mariana Rocha, João Vasco Paiva, Alejandro Michaelangelo Fargosonini, Alice Kok, João Ó, Bianca Lei, Peng Yun, Ray Chu and José Drummond.

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