Ways of Machine Seeing: A Digital Methods Development Workshop Co-organized by Transart Advisor Geoff Cox

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Ways of machine seeing: A digital methods development workshop organised by the Cambridge Digital Humanities Network

Convened by Anne Alexander, Alan Blackwell, Geoff Cox and Leo Impett

Jul 11, 2016

Darwin College, University of Cambridge


We will take as the starting point for discussion two seminal texts, which grapple with seemingly very different aspects of the relationship between concerns, it could be argued, was understanding how humans seeing with machines changed the ways in which they could represent the world, Marr was interested in the theoretical work necessary to make machines which could see. Yet fundamental to both approaches was the presumption that while knowledge is integral to vision, the relationship between knowing and seeing is complex and unsettled.

Geoff Cox

Associate Professor, PhD

School of Communication and Culture

Aarhus University

Helsingforsgade 14

8200  Aarhus N




Centre for Participatory Information Technology


Research project on The Contemporary Condition


funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research 2015-2018

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