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Change of contact info

Transart Institute
USA: +1 (347) 410 9905, Fax: (508) 682 2853
Mail: 228 Park Ave S. #34726, New York, NY 10003

Accreditation for MFA and PhD:
University of Plymouth, School of Art & Media
Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon, UK PL4 8AA
UK: +44 (0) 1752 600600

Transart Support Staff
Accounting: Adam Masuda
Admissions + faculty support: Gwen Charles, MFA
Berlin Initiatives: Kate Hers, MFA
Digital support: Eto Otitigbe, MFA
Digital support assistance: Amanda Matt, MFA
Documentation: Hani Moustafa, MFA
MFA student support: Dianne Smith, MFA
PhD student Support: Andrew Cooks, PhD
Residency  Coordinator: Gwen Charles, MFA

Admissions and Faculty Board
Jean Marie Casbarian, MFA
Andrew Cooks, PhD
Nicolas Estevez, MA, MFA
Caroline Koebel, MFA

Else Journal Staff
Cella, MFA, Editor in Chief and Founding Editor
Klaus Knoll, PhD, Founding Editor
Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, Managing Editor, PhD, Editor
Uchenna Itam, MA, Assistant Editor

Else Advisory Board
Myron Beasley, PhD, Jean Marie Casbarian, MFA; Geoff Cox, PhD; Laura Gonzalez, PhD,

Academic Director
Cella, MFA

Plymouth University Liaison
Sarah Bennett, PhD

Equality and Diversity Policies
The Institute recognizes the real educational and general benefits of having a diverse community of staff and students who value one another and the different contributions they can make to achieving the Institute’s mission to be open and accessible and to deliver teaching and research to world-class standards. It is fully committed promoting equality and eliminating discrimination for all of its staff and students, applicants and visitors. The University of Plymouth’s Equality and Diversity and Harassment and Bullying Policies apply to all aspects of staff and student activity within Transart Institute. Everyone is expected to support and implement all equality policies and ensure that their behavior and/or actions do not amount to discrimination or harassment in any way.

Creative Credits
Photography, design, and video work by Transart students, faculty, alumni and friends. Many thanks to Jean Marie Casbarian, Markuz Wernli, Nicki Stager, Astrid Menze, Jeanne Criscola, Karen Marshall, Tim Halloran, Oliver Wasow, Matt Daly, Rori Knudtson and Sarah Masero.