DoS-Candidate Responsibilities


Refer to the academic calendar and various linked forms and guides while school is in session and at residencies for the duration of your candidate’s program.

Candidate/PhD Advisor Relationship
• DoS/PhD advisor are responsible for overseeing the design and progress of the candidate’s research and for providing academic advice
• DoS report progress to the Transart PhD Academic Coordinator (Andrew Cooks) and PU Arts & Humanities Doctoral Training Centre Administrator (Tim Batchelor)
• The candidate and supervisor collaborate to maintain/complete the electronic Research Student Logbook (
• Candidates have two supervisors and not normally more than three—one of the supervisors is the Director of Studies (DoS).
• The DoS is a member of TI faculty
• The second supervisor is a member of the Academic Staff of Plymouth University (PU).
• Each team is expected to conduct two full supervisory meetings each year typically taking place at the bi-annual residencies (unless otherwise agreed in advance). If for some reason (professional and/or personal) any of you—DoS, 2nd supervisor or candidate— are unable to attend one of the residencies please make alternative plans and inform Andrew Cooks of any change.
• All supervisors are expected to attend a PU Good Supervisory Practice Session or view the PU Supervisory Training Videos available here:

The responsibilities of the Director/s of Studies are:
• expected to give rigorous critique, academic support and advisement to their candidate
• assist with the planning of a creative practice research program
• provide leadership of the supervisory team and support to the candidate on a regular basis
• advise on TI/PU regulations and deadlines
• impart knowledge in the area of the candidate’s research and approach
• develop an effective working relationship with the candidate
• maintain regular contact and co-ordinate meetings with other supervisor(s)
• responsive to candidate’s needs
• keep records of supervisory meetings
• introduce the candidate to exhibitions, publications, professional bodies, contacts and sources in the related field
• involve the candidate in the activities of a research group, exhibition/dissemination opportunities, workshops and conferences
• advise on sources, investigative and analytical techniques
• assist with project structure and milestones (in conjunction with full team)
• advice on timing for the various stages of work and ensure submission within required time frame
• assist candidate in self-assessment
• request process work regularly and provide criticism/feedback
• ensure candidate is aware of expectations and standards
• where progress is not up to standard provide assistance
• ensure intellectual property rights and copyright are protected
• ensure completion of annual monitoring reports by the student and supervisory team > form
• propose external readers as required (in consultation with Transart PhD Coordinator)
• if the candidate decides to take the optional completion year she can choose to either work alone or with the DoS. In this case the DoS is expected to provide up to 10 hours of advisement per semester over the course of this year per arrangement with Academic Coordinator.
• propose appropriate examination team
• organize the oral examination; liaise with examiners, chairperson and candidate as required 

The responsibilities of the 2nd Supervisor are:
• attend regular full supervisory meetings at bi-annual residencies
• act as a mentor in the case of Director of Studies who have not had previous supervisory experienced to completion,
• provide additional, specialist guidance(as required), support and feedback
• maintain awareness of the candidate’s progress and assist in progress where possible
• provide support (on a temporary basis) in an absence of the DoS

Note: Both members of each supervisory team are expected to be present at residency presentations in person or by Skype. At least one member of the supervisory team shall be  present in person. It is the responsibility of each DoS to ensure this. It is the responsibility of the student to record their presentations.

The responsibilities of the research student are: 
• develop an effective working relationship with your supervisory team agree to a schedule of regular meetings with supervisory team
• maintain records of supervisory sessions and log meetings and associated documents (
• submit process work to the supervisory team regularly
• maintain a process blog documenting your research for the Transart community presentations of work at residencies and online crit-groups
• take initiative in raising problems and difficulties with DoS
• ensure that Supervisory Team are aware of areas where specific training may be necessary
• maintain progress in accordance with schedule agreed with the DoS
• engage in self-assessment of skills development and appropriate training provide an annual reports of progress
• negotiate with DoS the amount of time devoted to the research
• negotiate with DoS for leave of absence if required
• make the ultimate decision to submit the research (DoS’ advice as to when the research is ready for submission should be heeded—this must not be taken as a guarantee that your research will be acceptable for the award of the degree)
• preparation of thesis binding and submission and any corrections required post-examination
• ensure that research content is your own work
• ensure annual enrolment and all tuition fees are appropriately paid
• Note: If the registration be terminated. In such case the candidate will be notified in writing at least one month prior to the recommendation.

Summarized from PU Research Degrees Handbook p. 25-29