Financial Aid

Transart Institute Scholarships and Deadlines

Note: Transart scholarships are for incoming students only and are awarded for two years.

Eight $10,000 scholarships for Transart’s MFA
Project-based scholarships enable artists with specific projects and concerns to join the Transart MFA.  Artists who wish to be considered for any of the award need to apply to the MFA Creative Practice by April 15. Award winners in each category are chosen by an independent jury no later than May 5. Note you must start your application in Slideroom by April 15. There is a five day grace period to complete the form. 

Earth Awareness prize
The Transart Earth Awareness prize awards a quarter of tuition costs on the MFA Creative Practice to two artists with MFA projects that raise environmental awareness and are exemplary in dealing with the many challenges we face in advancing stewardship for the earth.

Social Change award
The Transart Social Change award gives a quarter of tuition costs to two artists whose MFA projects champion social change through direct involvement with communities or through raising awareness for a specific issue.

Peace and Mediation prize
The Transart Peace and Mediation prize awards the same amounts to two artists with MFA projects that deal with the role of art in peace and mediation.

Merit awards
Furthermore, two Transart Merit awards will be given to applicants whose practice and proposed projects are of the highest level of artistic achievement. These awards are not limited to any media, theme or specific field. The amounts awarded are the same as on the other prizes.

MFA studies: Accepted applicants who apply before February 1st are eligible for 20% tuition reduction for two years. Please note there are no full scholarships. Scholarships cannot be deferred.

Deadline for 20% scholarships for 3 years are only available to Transart MFA full program graduates at the February 1st deadline.

Final deadline for MFA, Certificate and PhD programs with no scholarships is May 1st.

Payment Plans

Transart Institute offers debt-free MFA plans.
Terms: 2 to 4 years after a deposit of $5750.
4 year plans are subject to credit check.

Monthly plans for early applicants
(before Feb 1) $7808 per semester
24 monthly payments of $1065 (0.25% APR)
36 monthly payments of $744 (3.25% APR)
48 monthly payments of $595  (5.75% APR)

Monthly plans for full tuition
(after Feb 1) $9760 per semester
24 monthly payments of $1391 (0.25% APR)
36 monthly payments of $972 (3.25% APR)
48 monthly payments of $778  (5.75% APR)

Monthly plans for tuition with scholarship award
$7320 per semester
24 monthly payments of $982 (0.25% APR)
36 monthly payments of $687 (3.25% APR)
48 monthly payments of $551  (5.75% APR)*
Note: 48 month payment credit check required.

Payment option for summer certificate
The full tuition of $3250 can be broken up into four equal
payments of $812.50 all to be received before course sign up.

US Student Loans

Plymouth University is certified by the US Department of Education as a foreign school. Students in masters and doctoral programs are now able to apply for The Smart Option Student Loan®, a private student loan, through Sallie Mae International. Students can choose one or two year loans, but can only apply one time. Use school code: 023521. Enter May 1 as semester start date on application. Allow 1-2 months to complete the entire process. Plymouth University will certify the loan but all other matters related to the application is strictly between the applicant and Sallie Mae. FAFSA and other Title-IV loans are not an option for this UK accredited program. Students are strongly encouraged to seek out loan and grant funding as soon as possible as seeking financial assistance can often be a lengthy process.

Canadian Student Loans

The Federal and Provincial Governments offer financial aid to Canadians studying at Plymouth University. We are a public institution with code PVBZ (although some provinces/territories may use a different code). Canadian loans are means-tested, meaning you must demonstrate financial need in order to qualify for financial aid.Generally, students interested in applying for a loan must do so through their provincial/territorial student assistance office or website. When you apply for a loan, you are considered for funding by both the Provincial and Federal Government, meaning you only have to apply once for funding for the year. While federal loans are handled through a lender called the National Student Loans Service Centre, provincial loans are handled through the provincial governments and student aid branches. Please visit the Campus Access website for a comprehensive overview of the financial aid application process. Your provincial Student Finance Department and not the University will process most of your loans. However, you may require University signatures or verification of your student status. The University must also confirm that you have been accepted onto a course or are already enrolled with us before any financial aid will be disbursed to you. For more information on Canadian Federal Student Loans go to:

Scholarships, Grants and Loans by Location

Many opportunities for scholarships, stipends, refunds of travel and living costs exist in every national, provincial and most local governments. Please research in your country of origin and/or residence. Letters of admittance are sent to accepted candidates and can be individualized where needed.


Scholarship Databases

Cornell University maintains one of the best publicly accessible databases of scholarships, fellowships and grants to individuals.  Click here to find out more.

The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) provides NYFA Source, an extensive national of scholarships, awards, grants and other opportunities. Go to advanced search and type something like “graduate scholarship”.  Their website can be found here.

Additionally there are several web sites that provide search capability at no charge. Beware of scholarship search programs that charge a fee even if they “guarantee” you scholarships. Sites to consider:





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