Critique Groups Offsite

- Offsite critiques take place mid-semester fall and spring semesters (see calendar)
– Groups of approximately eight students are formed according to time zones by administration.
– Order of presenters to be determined by facilitator. The next in line should be prepared to go if need be.

Fall written critiques 
– 1 student presents each Friday per the schedule established at the residency.
– Groups can set up a critque group forum for discussion or do it by email.
– Postings must be made in your blog. Links from there are fine.
– Post specific questions that you might want to ask your group to respond to in your forum.
– Student receiving the critique posts on Friday.
– Group’s written critiques are posted in the Transart critique group forum (or in blogs if your group is not using a forum) by Wednesday.
– Student whose work was critiqued posts a response to the crit in their Transart blog by the following Friday (600 words).

Spring skype critiques
- Facilitators will initiate skype calls and guide 30 minute critiques for two students per session.
– Presentations take place by Skype probably best with audio only but it’s good to say hello with video first, bandwidth permitting.
– Use headphones and mute microphone in Skype when not speaking.
– Skype ID’s are in the student directory.
– Be online with Skype open 15 minutes before the session begins.
– Presenting student online 30 minutes before the session for tech check.
– References should be sent through the chat window in Skype.
– Students in same city are encouraged to meet in person rather than Skype.
– Groups can be broken in two at the discretion of the facilitator depending on group size and bandwidth of participants.
– The person(s) being critiqued each week is expected to post a blog response (600 words) to the Skype critique one week after the critique group meeting. – Record with the group’s permission and take notes.