Intro to Year 2 Paper – Module 505

MCP 505 “Independent MFA Project”
Utilise a range of research methods and integrated practical and/or critical research skills to independently develop an MFA Project within an interdisciplinary context begun to realise intentions individually and/or collaboratively in preparation for a coherently conceived project to be disseminated in MCP 506 present provisional outcomes through critically considered and speculative strategies for presentation test a clear conceptual, contextual and critical framework for the MFA Project informed by interdisciplinary perspectives and critically engaged practices critically reflect upon and evaluate practice against negotiated aims and objectives at a formative stage of the MFA Project.

Duration: summer residency 2 + fall semester
Content: studio project, thesis or process paper
Input: project planning, 1-2 workshops, 1-2 seminars, one research and two advisor meetings, one guidance committee meeting, group critique
Assessments: after winter residency
Credits: 60BCR/30ECTS/15CR

Length of eventual paper (project report): 20 pages (approx. 5,000 – 7,000 words not including bibliography, footnotes, illustrations). guide
Length of eventual paper (thesis): 20 pages (approx. 6,000 – 12,000 words not including bibliography, footnotes, illustrations). guide
To submit more or less you must have permission from your faculty in advance.

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Report vs Thesis

Artist Statement
Exhibition proposal example