Module 503 – Overview

“Critical Framework 2/2″

Source and research a range of conceptual and critical frameworks within an interdisciplinary context, identify and analyse the features of these critical frameworks in relation to the field of study, independently articulate and critically discuss these frameworks in relation to selected practitioners and art practices in a draft for a piece of critical writing (draft of research paper).
Develop a coherent critical framework within which to produce, conceptualise and interrogate contemporary art practices – including their own practice communicate their own developing critical position through a presentation
Duration: Winter residency + spring semester
Content: draft and final paper
Input: research advisor, two reports
Assessment: end of spring semester
Credits: 30BCR/15ECTS/7.5CR

Length of Papers:

In total up to 10 pages (approx. 2,000 – 3,000 words not including bibliography, footnotes, illustrations)
To submit more or less you must have permission from your faculty in advance.

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