Alex Roberts

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Alex Roberts is a British artist that lives and works between Berlin and the UK. She is an artist who works with paint and translucence; addressing paintings’ surface and spatial depth. Testing the sliding scale of figuration and abstraction, her focus is how we perceive identity and change – encounters.

Exploring the relationship between what we see and what we feel, the work invites the viewer to question their own perceptions, while hinting at a narrative, or capturing moments in the lives of others. The candid enquiry often exposes polarized, human states. Currently she is exploring the tensions between what is public and what is private: how, in today’s digital world, appearance often contrasts with reality and sociability belies intimacy.

Research aims: Her objective is to open a conversation (seeking to spark social exchange) rather than make a statement.

As a painter she pursues extending the 2-dimensional arena. Not only with practical understanding of the application, materiality of paint, use of grounds, plethora of surfaces and layering, but equally, in challenging, pushing and questioning what painting can be, and where it can take the spectator.

Roberts completed her own MAFA at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, 2015. Previous study: City of Bath Art College, Reading University (BAFA), London College of Printing. Roberts continues to work at the University of Bath (Departments: ICIA, Architecture and Civil Engineering) as an Artist/Tutor. She is delivering painting and life drawing workshops.

2016, Roberts is helping establish a programme of workshops/courses and platforms of exchange with Drawing Projects UK.  She has started by providing drawing courses about the figure.

Recipient of the University of the Arts London, PG Communities Fund, established the show, ‘Housed’, Cookhouse, Chelsea College of Arts (2015). Housed has developed as ‘Connect': an exchange, exhibition and art festival between Polish and UK-based artists, re-locating to the Rondo Gallery/Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice, Poland for June 2017. Recent exhibitions: Choices, The Edge, ICIA, University of Bath (2015, solo), group shows: Disstemma 7, The Crypt Gallery, London, and being shortlisted for Contemporary Visions VI, Beers London (2015), The Red Mansion Art Prize, Beijing/London (2016).

Art and Research Interests
She is available to mentor MFA students of all disciplines, and especially welcomes those curious in voicing the slippage between figuration and the abstract, plus a dialogue that sparks an exchange of private, public and or suggestive, hybrid residue. Her own discourse is painting with installation concerns, so she welcomes practices driven by process but also those with interests in examining, expanding upon and offering invitations to behold the viewer, or stage the viewer as protagonist. She is always happy to share her realisations with painting and other forms of agency. Delivering an experience where the revival of all our perceptions, and aiding the translating of students’ subjects are given support to come to fruition.

Painting, drawing, process, figuration, abstract, installation, alternative project spaces, intimacy, public and personal encounters, perception, suggestive narrative, memory, intangible feelings, presence, otherness, the uncanny, identity, social exchange.