Amy Königbauer

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  • steven 10.20.14


I cannot be both the test and the answers. I cannot employ relationships from a dual vantage point. There is too much yolked to my belief in myself. What about the part where I am not even aware that I am changing? This is the product of the relationship.

The relationship cannot know itself fully, only its outcomes perceived by the societal and personal audiences of the community and myself. I am engaging people in ways that I have not before. I see myself twice in these relationships, as participant and overseer. This is too coy? Too controlled? Too predictable and self-satisfying? I am attempting to dismantle barriers in cooperative relationships using mindfulness, vulnerability, improvisation and participation. Is comfort the enemy of change? Is ease the thing I paint black and call “progress”? I see myself as artist and teacher and these roles support each other, but do they become a closed loop?

I am looking to see what this work is truly about. I say it is about relationships, I see it is about me. I see it is moving without my hand and with my hand. I see that the fluency of exchange is controlled by how vulnerable we are willing to be. 

Art and Research Interests

Exulting Vulnerability in Cooperation 

We can approach any exchange between people as a direct transference of ideas, emotions or feelings. 

Back and forth.

When the intention of that transfer becomes cyclical, the force of the energy moving between us becomes more sustainable. When this force is an energetic exchange between two people, the cooperative exchange can cycle through many forms and emerge more unified overtime. Power dynamics dissolve if both parties honor that they have melted into the centrifuge. Rather than separating from the force of this movement, the energies become harmonious.

Keywords: relationships, participation, vulnerability, exchange

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