Anna Faroqhi

  • 01 Anna Faroqhi teaching film Kopie
  • 02 from Variations on the Everyday 2008 Kopie
  • 03 from Drawing Casablanca
  • 04 from Bauhaus Windows 2015

In her films, illustrations, and educational/curatorial work, Anna Faroqhi deals with themes such as biography, architecture, and history. Her work examines social issues and critically deals with the way images are produced and received, as well as how stories are told. In her work a dialogue is established between photographic and drawn images as a means of fictional narrative.

Anna Faroqhi is a Berlin-based filmmaker and illustrator. She trained as a classical singer, as well as in mathematics, physics, and film. Faroqhi’s body of work includes films, texts, illustrations, and educational works, and has been presented internationally in museums and art events.

Faroqhi teaches video for opera directors and singers at the Hans Eisler School of Music in Berlin. She has given film seminars at the Beit Berl Film School, Israel; St. Joseph University, Beirut; Cornell University, New York, Transart Institute, Berlin; and was an advisor at the Filmuniversität Potsdam. In 2009 she was a recipient of the Villa Aurora work stipend in Los Angeles.

Together with her husband and collaborator Haim Peretz, Faroqhi gives workshops in film and illustration for children and adults at various public schools, museums and institutions. The results of these workshops have been presented in public shows curated by the artist duo at museums, galleries, or movie theaters.

Faroqhi sees her educational work—especially if participants come from underprivileged and/or migration backgrounds—as an empowerment for participants to voice their own stories.

Anna Faroqhi’s work has been shown in Berlin at the Hamburger Bahnhof, Saalbau Neukölln, Akademie der Künste, Martin-Gropius-Bau, and at the Manifesta, Italy, New York Film Archives, Goethe Institute, Tel Aviv, etc.

She is currently working on a graphic novel, and—in collaboration with Haim Peretz—on a documentary on an educational architectural exchange project dealing with the ideas of the Bauhaus.

Keywords: Film, illustration, education

Advisor: Studio/Research