Anne Labovitz

  • 122 Conversations Conversations, 6 Mayors video stil
  • Charging Taulsman
  • 122 Conversations Conversations
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  • Spirit of maurices, 96 x 89 inches

Anne Labovitz is an American artist, whose practice includes painting, drawing, and printmaking as well as experimental film and sound. Labovitz has a degree in psychology and art from Hamline University in St. Paul. Her work considers many themes often returning to the central notion of an enduring interest in people—the human spirit, its emotional resonance, and the way it manifests in relationships.

Working within the portraiture tradition, she employs a process of layering—from multiple images and text to conceptual connections and multiple elements of physicality found in mark-making and materiality.

The notion of contemporary portraiture and human connection—and the activation of the space that connects us—is central to an important new direction in her oeuvre. This new direction is manifesting in a transition from traditional, expressionist self-portraits to composite portraits depicting several people. Most recently, she has begun incorporating text, audience engagement, and public interventions as a vital element of the creative method.

My practice incorporates a rigorous full time studio practice incorporating painting, drawing, relational listening , palimpsest painting, video, printmaking, wood cuts, and public interventions. I consider my arts activism, community involvement and teaching part of my creative practice.

Art and Research Interests
My work is driven by all things human; connection, relationship, memories, loss, perseverance, stories and record keeping. Delving into the core motivations of my practice will provide a pathway into next projects and clarity of purpose within my work and writing. Can the creation of metaphorical soup, explore accessibility and community, what forms can it take? Why is it important to me?

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