Anya Lewin


Anya Lewin is an American artist and academic based in the UK. Her work often reflects her own personal history, which includes stories of immigration, translations from multiple languages, and fictional connections to real events. She has completed two parts of a trilogy of moving image installations (and is in production on the final part) which explore her family history of immigration as well as their connection to screen history from silent cinema of the German Expressionist Era through to 1950’s & 60’s Hollywood – a path many Jewish immigrants followed. Each exhibition has become more ambitious and involved a longer period of research and production along with a move to working with commercial film crews in order to develop the high production values necessary to mimmic the source material the projects draw from. Lewin has also worked with performance, participatory practice, and single channel film and video work.

Lewin is a Reader in Art and Moving Image in the Fine Art Department at Plymouth University and serves  on the executive board for the Society for Artistic Research.