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Carrie Paterson has been conducting an experimental, spatial practice in visual art since 1993. Her work is conceptual, often interdisciplinary, and comprises multi-sensory artworks, installation, performance, text, and drawing. She has spent years experimenting with uncommon materials, innovating forms, tinkering with machines, and making what can best be described as “pataphysical” models (as in Alfred Jarry’s “science of imaginary solutions”). The majority of her recent works combine speculative and social histories with the fertile nexus between the disciplines of art, science, and engineering. The work is also informed by Paterson’s study of architecture, organic chemistry, cultural criticism, and literature. She is an inventor by accident, and her scientific glassworks that double as functional bottles relate to US Patent (pending) No.12/963,560, which she shares with co-inventor Bob Maiden.

Paterson’s published writings include reviews, essays, interviews, and hypertext fiction. She was Guest Editor for the art magazine Artillery: Killer Text on Art’s art / science issue in May 2009 and is now Reviews Editor for the magazine. She has contributed essays and reviews to a variety of arts and culture publications including Flash Art International, X-TRA, Artweek, NY Arts Magazine, and Artillery. Paterson has taught in the visual art department at Cal State Fullerton since 2003, primarily in the graduate studies program as the MFA/MA thesis instructor. She has also conducted undergraduate courses on the narrative architecture of video games, comics, and graphic novels. She lives in Los Angeles.

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