Chris Danowski

Chris Danowski has been running The Basement, a non-profit experimental, transcultural performance collective, since 1999. We’ve done a lot of original work, and have presented 8 versions of an annual festival of performance, Teatro Caliente, in Phoenix, with local and international works of music, theater, multimedia, and performance art. Worked for 6 years as a faculty associate at ASU, teaching general theater, experimental performance, playwriting, ethnic studies. Academically, I’m interested in the intersections of art and ritual, particularly mediated art forms, and particularly Afro-Cuban ritual. I read tarot cards and coffee stains, and am pretty good at it. I also act, direct, and write an awful lot of plays and other works for live performance. Specialties: Lucumi ritual, left-handed scissor work, spirit reading, post-structural theory, Latin American literature, and embodied versions of Narcissus and Echo in life and art.

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