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Transart Institute
USA: +1 (347) 410 9905
Fax: (508) 682 2853
Mail: 228 Park Ave S. #34726
New York, NY 10003

Transart Staff
Jean Marie Casbarian, MFA, Programs Advisor
Cella, MFA, Founding Director
Andrew Cooks, PhD, Programs Coordinator
Adam Masuda, BBA, Finances + Tuition Advisement
Susie Quillinan, MFA, Associate Director
Honi Ryan, MFA, Social Media Coordinator, Residency Support

Academic Board
Lynn Book, MFA
Michael Bowdidge, PhD
Jean Marie Casbarian, MFA
Cella, MFA
Andrew Cooks, PhD
Geoff Cox, PhD
Laura Gonzalez, PhD

Cella, MFA
Klaus Knoll, PhD (1956-2014)

Else Journal
Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, PhD, Managing Editor
Cella, MFA, Editor-in-chief, Art Direction
Jeanne Criscola, MFA, Design Production

Else Advisory Board
Geoff Cox, PhD
Laura Gonzalez, PhD

Transart Triennale
Cella, MFA, Co-curator
Susie Quillinan, MFA, Co-curator
Honi Ryan, MFA, Blog Editor, Event Project Manager

University of Plymouth, School of Art & Media
Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon, UK PL4 8A
UK: +44 (0) 1752 600600

Plymouth University (PU)
Abigail Quinton, Administrator, Academic Partnerships
Amanda Russell, Senior Information Specialist
John Popplestone, Finance + Sustainability
Sarah Bennett, Academic Liaison
Mandy MacDonald, Administrator (DTC)

Current Hosting Institutions
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (EFA), NY

Uferstudios, Berlin

Aleks Slota

Rebecca Salvadori

Transart non-profits support the following initiatives:

- Transart Triennale
– NEST (New Experiments for Sharing Terrain)
– ELSE Journal
– Scholarships
– Public Programs such as student and alumni led research symposia, public artist talks and lecture series etc.

Friends of Transart Non-Profit (US)
Transart Non-Profit (Europe)