Donna Akrey

Donna Arkey


Born in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Lives  in Montreal, Quebec. Studied at Simon Fraser in Vancouver BC and Concordia University. Did Graduate studies at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax. Currently teaches multidisciplinary and site specific studies at Concordia University.

Statement: I make work that reflects my interest in the urban environment, language and communication and the power of the habitual on our dreams and realities. I use an interdisciplinary approach to articulate ideas to create large installations and sculptural objects, single channel video, video installation and book works. I think of some of my sculptures and installations as gigantic understatements, ruminations on the spectacle of the unspectacular. Having moved across Canada numerous times, I am apt to take inspiration from my particular environment. I am excited by the prospect of gleaning inspirations and influence from where I may be and using the materials available to me corresponding with the local.

My most recent shows have been installations that directly response to a particular community. In the installation Palindrome (2000) materials found during the July 1st moving weekend in Montreal were used to create a huge coliseum like structure out of discarded furniture inside a space while wooden pallets were reassigned as furniture and left in situ. In another performative installation, benefit for the doubt (2002, Halifax), visitors where invited to donate objects or materials into a 6’x6’ cube that I worked inside of. I would make composite sculptural objects of the materials, in the spirit of folk art. Havenwood Pointe Green Terrace Inc.(2003) at Truck Gallery in Calgary utilized scrap materials from the building sites of the rapidly growing suburbs surrounding the city core. Small houses were mass-produced with these materials assembly line style. They were then returned to the place where the materials were found.

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